Mac with ARM: Apple Prepares Developers for Launch

Apple reported several months ago that new Macs with their own ARM processor would hit the market by the end of the year. This coincides with the possible speculation about a new event to be held on November 17. Now Apple is already preparing the ground for this big announcement by inviting developers to engineering labs to explain what the transition will look like.

Developers receive training in ARM

When Apple announced the new ARM architecture processors, different developers received a kit of a custom Mac mini with an A12Z chip. In this way they can prepare for the transition that must be made in regards to applications. It should be noted that there is an important transition that we will attend in a few weeks. Currently all applications are adapted to a specific Intel processor that has a very different architecture. All of these must be adapted so that they can be used in a new Mac that has a processor with ARM architecture. This is quite an important task, since Apple must guarantee to give all possible means to developers so that you do not have a Mac with ARM without any type of application.

Mac with ARM

That’s why Apple is preparing the ground for this announcement by inviting developers to a series of one-on-one sessions with Apple engineers. Appointments can be requested through the Apple website until November 1, so that these sessions can be held on November 4 and 5. These sessions will try to give the necessary training to developers to optimize their iPhone, iPad and Mac applications for Macs with Apple Silicon. Apple engineers are undoubtedly the best suited to give this training and the necessary indications to perfect the work that developers have done in recent months with the kit they offered.

The Cupertino company does not clearly state the reasons for doing these types of sessions. But taking the logical side, you can think that they are preparing the ground for the event that could be held on November 17. Rumors suggest that a 12 ″ MacBook with this processor would be officially launched at the event . The rest of the equipment would be renewed with ARM processors with the passage of time when the applications are adapted and the transition they intend to make is established in the market.

Another clue that may point to an almost imminent event is macOS Big Sur. Yesterday the first beta of macOS 10.0.1 was released despite the fact that version .0 has not been released. It is likely that the company is reserving this update to be released on November 17, jointly with the announcement of the Mac renewal.