Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard: the Best Alternative to the Magic Keyboard

Along with the new vitaminized iPad Pro with Apple‘s M1 chip, the company also presented a new Magic Keyboard in white. But if you let us give you some advice, this would not be the keyboard that we would buy first. Even less so now that Logitech has finally released the iPad Pro version of the Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard .

The keyboard and trackpad your iPad Pro needs

Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard

With the iPadOS keyboard and mouse support, Apple itself launched a new keyboard case that included a small trackpad that multiplied the productivity of its flagship tablet. In addition, together with a magnetic fastening system and a USB C port that avoided occupying the device itself when it was charging, they further improved the user experience.

However, it was a product with a very high price for what was really needed by users who bet on the iPad as a device for content creation or directly as the main device in their day to day and substitute for the traditional laptop.

For this reason, since Logitech introduced its Combo Touch Keyboard, many of us thought that such a version for the iPad Pro should be the next thing the company launched. And so it has been, they have taken longer than we would have liked, but finally there is the Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard for iPad Pro.

This keyboard retains the same idea of that seen for iPad models that do not belong to the Pro family. That is, no magnet systems but a classic cover that also provides extra protection to the edges of the device.

In addition to that, this case incorporates a keyboard with a touchpad to take advantage of the support of the mouse and trackpad system that changes the user experience so much. And finally, to be able to place it comfortably on any surface, a folding tab.

With all this and quality materials that withstand the passage of time very well, the new Logitech keyboard case with trackpad for the iPad Pro is the ideal option for any user who has the new iPad Pro.

The price of this new accessory, which for now is only found on the United States website, will be at an exchange rate of approximately 235 euros for its version for the 5-generation 12.9 ″ iPad Pro and about 200 euros for the version of 11 ″ that this time if it is compatible with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation.

Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard vs Magic Keyboard

You are probably wondering why the new Logitech Combo Touch seems more interesting to us than the Magic Keyboard and the best keyboards for iPad. And that despite the fact that Apple’s has the magnet system, the extra USB C port and a much more solid opening system from the first. Well, these are the reasons, although logically the last decision will be up to you:

  • The Logitech keyboard cover is cheaper and that is always important to many. It costs practically half
  • The keyboard can be removed and you have a cover with a tab that allows it to be placed in different positions, resulting in a much more versatile set
  • Logitech’s keyboard keys feel very similar to Apple’s and better than the company’s first Apple Smart Keyboard (no touchpad)
  • Extra protection for the edges of the device

The only two aspects that we can criticize is that it does not offer an extra USB C port and that for the 12.9-inch version a priori it is only compatible with the new 5th generation model whose dimensions are slightly different from the previous ones. These go from 5.9 mm in thickness to 6.4 mm.

How about? If you are an iPad Pro user, which model would you choose?