If You Do Not Log into Your Outlook or Hotmail Account, It Will Be Deleted on Monday

Outlook or Hotmail Account, It Will Be Deleted on Monday

If you have been using the Internet for years, you probably have tens or hundreds of accounts in a multitude of services. In these accounts, you may use old emails that you probably don’t even use to receive emails anymore, but that are useful for recovering passwords or logging into some services. Now, you may lose access to those email accounts .

In July 2019 we picked up on a policy change from Microsoft through which the company announced that it was going to eliminate all accounts with more than two years of inactivity . The new policy began to apply as of August 30, 2019, which means that all accounts that do not have activity will be deleted as of August 30, 2021 .

That date is next Monday, and therefore it is recommended that, if you have a Hotmail, Outlook, Live or Microsoft account that you do not want to be deleted, you will have to log in during this weekend . Microsoft requires that there be some activity on the account to consider it as active. Among the criteria by which an account is considered active, beyond simply logging in , are the following.

Conditions for not having your account deleted

First of all, we have the purchases. If you have made a purchase with your Microsoft account, or have redeemed a code to purchase a Microsoft product or service, the account will remain active and will not be deleted due to inactivity. This does not apply to gift cards. If we have an active subscription associated with the Microsoft account, the account will also remain active (for example, to Office 365). Once the subscription ends, it is necessary to log in two years later to keep it.

Second, we have that, if we have used a Microsoft account to publish an app or game in the Store , the account will remain active and will not be closed even if it remains inactive.

Third, if our account has received a certification from Microsoft , the email account will also be closed due to inactivity.

Fourth, if our account has a positive balance of unspent money in the account, such as after having redeemed a gift card. However, if we live in a country where the law determines that gift cards are unclaimed assets, the account can be closed, and we will lose the balance. In turn, if Microsoft owes us money, it will not close until we receive it.

Fifth, if an inactive account has permission to manage a minor’s account that is active, Microsoft will not close it for inactivity. The account will be closed if the minor’s account is also inactive after two years, if you close it, or if the account becomes a normal account corresponding to a person of legal age when the minor reaches 18 years of age.

In sixth and last place, Microsoft reserves the right to maintain an active account or not to close it depending on the laws of each country .

If you want to check the status of your account, Microsoft made the following link available: https://account.live.com/Activity . In it, we can see how often we have to log in so that an account is not marked as inactive. This is important to review, since Microsoft will not notify at any time that the account is going to be deleted.