Livik: the New PUBG Mobile Map: Details and Launch

PUBG may not be as attractive on PC as compared to other titles in the battle royale genre that were coming later, but on mobile devices the story is different. On this platform, its developer has been able to offer what its players demanded and a new sample will be its next Livik map, designed to make the games even more dynamic.

Livik, the new PUBG map

Livik: the New PUBG Mobile Map

PUBG or Playerunknown’s battlegrounds had its moment of maximum splendor on the PC long ago, but the arrival of other titles of the battle royale genre detracted from its popularity. However, on mobile phones the story was different. There they knew how to do it well and managed to become one of the most profitable games on this platform.

Now, through the Twitter profile, its developers give a little more information about the next map that they have created in a special and exclusive way for PUBG Mobile users. The name of the new map will be Livik and it has been designed with the idea of streamlining the games, thanks to these particularities the confrontations will be much faster in terms of average duration. And that’s interesting, especially for all those who want to take advantage of that time after breakfast, lunch, on the way to work, school or back home for a game.

Livik is the name of this new map and despite not having commented on a specific release date we do know that it will arrive with the next update of the game. This scenario has been devised with this approach of faster games than usual, about an average of 15 minutes each. So it is smaller than, say, Sanhok. This means that instead of 4 x 4 km, the terrain now has dimensions of 2 x 2 km . Smaller, it is true, but not for that reason lacking in details.

As its creators comment, only 40 players can participate in it and they will find a series of elements that will give a lot of rhythm to each game. For example, there will be areas where you will find a volcano, hot springs, waterfalls and much more. All these elements will be interactive and that will give new options to players, but also new risks to take.

For example, the strong currents of a waterfall can drag the characters, but they can be used to throw a boat from the top of these to some possible group of clueless who are located in the low area.

When will Livik arrive


The new Livik map will arrive alongside PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 . This is expected to appear during the second week of July , although there is no specific day for it. At the moment you can continue enjoying everything the game offers. And if you have never played it and you want to try it, you just have to download it to your smartphone.

Only a single recommendation. Although the controls are well adapted and it is the way in which many users play it, if you want to have a better experience a gamepad can help you make the games even more satisfying.