Little known apps for Android that you should try

We all have a certain number of apps that cannot be missing from our mobile phone. Those that go through our heads as soon as we open the box when we get a new smartphone. Among them we could venture to say that WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, Instagram or TikTok are surely not lacking. However, today we want to discover those not-so-known Android apps that you should give a try.

Google Play Store has a wide catalog of apps. It is impossible to know them all, and in most cases, we limit ourselves to using the most popular ones, leaving aside the lesser known ones. Added to this is that the top apps on Google Play show few surprises and the recommendations are based on apps that we have already installed at some point. For this reason, today we collect the best applications that you may not know and you should try.

Little known apps for Android that you should try


One of the things we do before going to bed or in the morning as soon as we get up is check the weather. Also, this interest intensifies if the weekend is near and we have outdoor plans. As a general rule, weather apps often fail and what was going to be a sunny day one day turns into a rainy forecast overnight.

To avoid these surprises, one of the most useful apps to know if it’s going to rain or not is RainAlarm. It has a map in real time with the expected rainfall in our area of residence, which considerably reduces the margin of error. Either it rains or it doesn’t. The app supports a configuration in which you can indicate the radius of kilometers so that you receive warnings and know if it is raining or if it is forecast to do so in the next few hours.

App Rain Alarm

Rain forecast map in Rain Alarm


The most experienced in traveling with a camper or motorhome may already know it, but if you have just started traveling in this way, it cannot be missing from your Park4Night apps. With the arrival of the pandemic, it is a reality that the desire and interest in traveling by camper or motorhome has increased in the search for safer and more familiar trips. Last year there were 13% more new buyers and rentals on the main camper, caravan and motorhome platforms increased by 42% between June and August 2021 compared to the previous year.

For all those who have ever considered a roadtrip with friends or family, this app is a must. At Park4Night you will find the best places and areas to spend the night if you travel by camper van. Hidden places, close to nature or with stunning sunrise views. It is the users themselves who upload these legal sites and accompany them with a description and photos that are of vital help if you are on the road and have not decided where to spend the night.

App Park4Night


If we put in a shaker and mix messaging apps with podcast apps, Cappuccino emerges. A very fun tool that allows you to share audio notes with friends and family where the recipients can listen to the audio notes in the form of a podcast.

A pleasant and easy-to-use interface with which to share how your day went, a joke or a reflection. In Cappuccino voice notes are known as “beans” and listening to a cappuccino would be like a mix of the “beans” that your friends have sent. That is in English, although due to constant requests from users it is very likely that it will soon be available in Spanish.

App Cappuccino

Cappuccino app


An app that is responsible for doing all the calculations and dividing the expenses in three simple steps. Very appropriate if you go on vacation with friends, share a flat, are going to organize a party or want to buy a gift between several people.

The ultimate solution for managing and sharing expenses that allows you to break down group budgets and track them. It allows you to add images to share purchase tickets and sends you notifications every time a friend adds or modifies an expense that you have in common.

App tricount

Split expenses with the Tricount app

NoFilter: Photo Spots

Smartphones and photography have inevitably come together. The quality of the photos that we can take with them means that on some occasions we forget about compact or SLR cameras and go out to discover new places to photograph simply with the mobile.

If you are a photography lover, you are surely always on the lookout for new frames and places to take unique snapshots. This app is one of the best for discovering new places to take the best photos. On many occasions it is not enough to see that the photograph is good, we feel the need to see to what extent we can reproduce it by giving it our personal touch. With NoFilter you can find out the exact location of a photo and get details about the shot settings if you want to take the photo with your camera. In turn, you will be able to register and share your best photographic shots with other users.

App NoFilter

Discover new places to take photos

It is a free software task app for Android. It has a large number of tools to manage your tasks such as creating lists, adding all the tasks from the Google calendar or making backup copies in Google Drive.

A task organizer in the palm of your hand with no ads and no location tracking. Fully customizable with widgets, while protecting your privacy with end-to-end encryption with EteSync.


Organize your tasks with the app

Dolby On

Podcasts are in fashion. There is a wide range of podcasts of different categories and durations. Dolby On can be a good tool if you want to start recording your own. It is a complete audio recording app that allows you to process it practically professionally.

It has functions such as noise reduction, fusion of input or output sounds and elimination of the audio mix, among others. In addition, you will be able to share your recordings directly on social networks or on platforms like SoundCloud.