Best Amusement Park Games on iPhone and iPad

In the App Store you can find many different video game options to entertain us. Without a doubt, over time the iPhone and the iPad have practically become portable game consoles. This is due to the great development that has existed in the gaming sector if we talk about mobile phones in any of its operating systems. In this article we are going to talk about the options that exist focused on amusement parks.

We have all been to an amusement park at some point, and they are undoubtedly really fun. But surely you have also thought on some occasion about what it would be like to manage one. Buy the best attractions in the world, and manage all the relevant aspects related to the visitors and also to the activities that they are going to be able to carry out.

Best Amusement Park Games on iPhone and iPad

The points to look for in these games

In the App Store when looking for games of this theme, there are many options that can be found. Both paid and free, and they all have the purpose of having an entertaining time on your iPhone or iPad. But the important thing is to have a satisfactory experience, and you will achieve this if you follow the following points:

  • Artificial intelligence : in a virtual amusement park you will have to get many tourists inside. Riding on the attractions or enjoying a virtual drink on the terrace. But the really important thing is that they have a good movement and intelligence system that makes it a homogeneous experience throughout the stage.
  • Progression System – This is vital when it comes to avoiding leaving the game mid-game as it doesn’t have any entertainment. Really relevant in any video game, and that the fact of working in your park is rewarded. Unlocking new content or expansion possibilities are some of the features that mark a positive progression.
  • Available content : an aspect closely linked to the previous point, since when there is more content in higher levels, the more senses it will have to play with intensity to be able to unlock everything that the game has to offer us. In this case, those options should be rewarded, especially those that are updated frequently by adding new content.

RollerCoaster, the best option in the Store

This game belongs to the famous Tycoon franchise. This indicates that we are dealing with a simulator that is up to the task, since they have a great deal of experience in this particular sector. It is presented as a reference model of 3D park construction simulators, with more fun, challenges and emotions. It is a complex simulation game in which absolutely everything is controlled, from the roller coasters to the toilets themselves.

The constructor mode is quite complete, since it allows the possibility of installing a large number of facilities. Specifically, you can find intense roller coasters, full of loops, turns, spirals or jumps. This is a unique build mode for this type of ride. That is, the route will not be established but you can do it to your liking. And then obviously you will be able to see it work with visitors to your park.

But beyond the roller coasters, you will also be able to have other buildings. Here are typical attractions such as the merry-go-round or the classic cups. Added to this are bathrooms, restaurants or shops. All this must have maintenance and attention by the staff that you will have the possibility of hiring in a comfortable way.

More amusement park games

Beyond this incredible Tycoon game, in the App Store you will be able to find other options available for the iPhone or iPad that have a similar approach. Simulators that pursue the fact that you have a satisfying experience as if you were the real CEO of a giant amusement park.

Idle Theme Park

In this game you start with a small park and you will work hard to make it bigger. Open new attractions and create a great area of fun, where visitors will be able to find roller coasters, the Ferris wheel, the water rapids or the house of terror. Obviously, first of all you will have to manage box office earnings wisely to make money. You will expand the amusement park and build amazing facilities.

As time goes by, you will improve your park with new attractions and prepare marketing campaigns to attract new visitors. Hire security guards to maintain public order and safety in your amusement park. Make your visitors feel welcome, and finally become the tycoon of the amusement parks and start hiring new employees.

Theme Park Fun 3D!

In this video game you are going to be literally at the foot of the attraction. This means that you will not have to take care of the park in general, but an attraction will be assigned and you will be responsible for it. You will start as a goalkeeper to be able to determine if a person with your height can enter or not. But also asking for documentation to see if you meet the minimum age required for an attraction.

But you are not going to stay only at the door, since you will also take control of a specific attraction. You will start it and stop it when you see it necessary, and you will also control it. That is, you can make it rotate more or less. But always keeping in mind that although it increases the fun, it can also increase nausea.

Theme Park Simulator

An ideal video game for all those people who are looking for a very good experience when playing. It has a large amount of content in terms of attractions, which is definitely the most important thing when we talk about this type of video game. You can find many attractions such as bumper cars, investors, kamikazes among others.

It can be said that you are facing a simulator of each of the attractions that are going to be in this park. You will see how it works and how attractive it is to the public who will visit it as time goes by and the park gets bigger and bigger.

Prehistoric Fun Park Builder

This game is going to show you a different aspect of prehistoric life. Answer the call of the primitive past and enter the world of wacky rides from the past. In this way you will be able to turn the boring life of the troglodytes into a wonderful endless vacation. For this, an amusement park will be built with a unique setting, taking into account this historical context.

You will be able to choose between more than 60 amazing attractions: the giant wooden swing, trampolines made of mammoth skin or stone slides. The design they have is really ingenious, and of course you can always decorate the park to your liking with unique exotic plants or pagan totems. Build cozy rest areas with toilets for all visitors.

Hyper Roller Coaster

Having a roller coaster is undoubtedly a great challenge for any park. Both control it and design it correctly to avoid fatal accidents. That is why this game offers you the possibility of managing the park’s new roller coaster without people running away. You have to keep in mind that this one is super fast and it’s crazy. The controls themselves are really simple to make the experience easy.

With these controls you will be able to manage the speed of the attraction while it goes up and down its rails. The faster you go, the more money you’re going to end up making. And with this money you will buy improvements for the attraction itself. But obviously you will have to look for the maximum point, because if you go too fast you can end up at the end with fewer passengers than you had at the beginning and that will be a problem.

Uphill Rush Water Park Racing

In this game you are going to prepare yourself to experience extreme action in the craziest water park simulator in the world. Survive as long as you can while stunts and rampages are all around you. You will be able to have at your disposal different sliders that you would find in a park such as slides, bathtubs or jet skis. Once you have it you can go through the whole park getting the maximum points.

Something to keep in mind in this game is that you are allowed to enjoy the experience with your friends. That is why you will not be on the management side of the game as on other occasions, but rather you will choose to be one more visitor who wants to enjoy the attractions to the fullest.

What we recommend

It has been seen that there are many options that can be found in the App Store. In our case we must first recommend RollerCoaster . It has great graphic quality and also progress that makes for a really interesting experience. There are several attractions and the possibility of hiring a wide variety of workers and also building services that give you much more money.

In a second place, from the same developer, Idle Theme Park should also be recommended. Despite the fact that it has more minimalist graphics and thinking about the experience that you have on the iPhone, it offers a lot of fun. It has a great pack of attractions and a series of services that will ensure that your park always has people enjoying everything that you offer.