How to Listen to Music on YouTube with the Screen off on Xiaomi

Xiaomi and its MIUI layer never cease to amaze us with options that seem unimaginable and allow us to do everything we want in a few simple steps. This time it is an option that gives us the possibility to listen to music on YouTube with the screen off , a YouTube Premium option that we can enjoy if we have a mid-range or high-range Xiaomi mobile.

Listen to Music on YouTube with the Screen off on Xiaomi

However, to achieve this we have to follow a series of steps and remember that it does not work on the smartphones of the lower range of Xiaomi or Redmi. This trick seems to be suitable for those devices and even if we install the corresponding APK, there is no way to make it work. The positive is that we do not have to wait for MIUI 12 and Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 11 can also use this trick.

Activate YouTube playback with screen off

If you are a regular reader of our site, you will have this trick already semi-activated, since we have already carried out the first steps on several occasions to get other extra Xiaomi tools that by default in Spain cannot be used. In order to enjoy music in our own way, what we must do is the following:

región xiaomi

  • We start by accessing the mobile Settings.
  • We move to the Additional Settings section.
  • We played in Region.
  • In the list we choose Andorra or in some cases it also works with India.

Once this is done, we must connect to the WiFi so that the mobile makes all the relevant changes and we can begin to enjoy the trick to listen to YouTube on our mobile. In case after continuing with the steps we cannot do it, we recommend you try to restart the mobile.

Activate YouTube options in Xiaomi Music

Once we have followed the previous steps, what we must do is search our mobile for the Music app that already comes by default. In most cases it is outside folders but it can also be in tools. Once we access it, we have to accept all the terms and we will find a design like the one in the first image.

app music xiaomi youtube

With this design we cannot achieve our purpose, which is to play music on Xiaomi from YouTube with the screen locked and what we must do is touch on the settings in the upper left. In the drop-down we enter Settings and mark “Dark mode”.

musica youtube pantalla apagada xiaomi

When you return to the app, the design will have completely changed and then we will have the options available. We recommend that you log in with your Google account so that there are no problems, which will appear to us by tapping on the View button at the bottom. Now we can use the search engine to listen to the music we like the most or let ourselves be guided by the recommendations .