How to Install Applications Outside of Google Play on Xiaomi

Application bazaars like Google Play have enough applications and tools for most users to be served. However, sometimes we have to get out of the way and install apps from external sites. Xiaomi phones with MIUI have two different methods to enable this function , since it is disabled by default.

Install Applications Outside of Google Play on Xiaomi

All security experts, Google and the manufacturers themselves, recommend that applications only be installed within the official bazaars. However, when it comes to malware, Google Play is precisely one of the biggest sinks in recent years. In any case, if we need to install an “APK”, that is, the files of an application, downloaded from another source, we will have to activate the “Unknown origins” function on our Xiaomi mobile.

The ways to install “apks” on Xiaomi

Android has increased security with each version, and Google does not like that the user or a third-party app, can in turn initiate the installation of an application. For this reason the option is disabled, but we have two methods to change this limitation.

First method

The first is to activate the option to install applications from unknown sources. In this way, when executing an APK file from the browser or the file manager, the system will allow the installation. It is done by opening the file manager and looking for the APK of the application to install. Then we select the APK for the installation wizard to run.

xiaomi apk

Once done, Android will launch a security warning explaining that the application is not authorized to install unknown apps. Then we click on Settings and in the section to install unknown applications, we activate the option “Trust this source.”

The alternative method

The alternative method is to do it from the system settings, which allows the function to be enabled, without having to install an apk at the same time . To do this, we enter Settings and enter Applications. Once inside, click on Manage applications and look for the application to which we will grant permission to install applications from unknown sources.

xiaomi apk

These applications can be the browser, email, file explorer, and other apps that may contain or initiate the installation of an APK file. Now we touch on “Install applications from unknown sources” and we will have paved the way for any installation of an app from other sources.