List of basketball games for Mac computers

Basketball is a sport quite loved by many users, both viewing it at a professional level and practicing it. Now this experience can be transferred to the Mac with the different games that can be found in the Mac App Store and also on Steam. In this article we tell you the best options.

The most important of these games

List of basketball games for Mac computers

Although macOS is not a system that is designed for gaming development, you can find some games in the Mac App Store or on Steam. So that you can download the one most suitable for you, we recommend that you follow some very specific points that we leave you below:

  • Graphics : a really relevant aspect when talking about any type of game. It is a priority that in the first place it enters through the user’s eye so that later many other mechanics that it may have are evaluated. It may be the case in which you are facing an attractive game but with outdated mechanics, or just the opposite.
  • Available game modes : when we talk about sports games, we must take into account the different modes that it integrates. That is, you can find some very specific mechanics in each of the mechanics that try to emulate the real sport. In this case, you should choose those that best suit your tastes. For example you can find free throw options or that are more realistic.
  • Prices : when we talk about games this is one of the most important points. Specifically when we are in the macOS environment, you can find games that are not completely free and in which you must pay to be able to enjoy them fully. That is why we always recommend viewing the ratings found in the App Store or on the different review pages.

Free kick games

When you want to play basketball, one of the most common modalities is free throws. This is ideal for practicing trying to score the necessary points and is one of the most fun. There are many games that can be found focused on this mechanic, and we will show you the best ones below.

Super Basketball

super basketball

Simple but highly addictive game based on realistic physics. The mechanics focus on pressing the screen with the mouse and sliding the ball. You will have the ability to control the angle and also the power. The ultimate goal is for you to get the ball through the hoop. Perfect spin and physical spin will help you see the hoop more clearly at the end for the highest possible score.

With this option you will be facing an arcade game that it does not have. There are different levels and a goal ahead. For the hoop there are four random movements and that is why as the levels increase, the difficulty will also increase. In each of the levels you will have three possible shots. That is why it will be a real challenge ahead so you can enjoy your own basketball.



The best game you can install on your Mac to enjoy basketball. It integrates three game modes to be really addictive with a very interesting aesthetic, but in no case will you directly control the players, since everything will be on your finger to be able to direct the ball. Simply press on the ball and slide to adjust the force and direction of the shot.

The points will mark the beginning of the trajectory of the ball. The three game modes that are integrated are: consecutive shots, time limit and training. The built-in physics engine provides the most realistic gaming experience, and is also compatible with retina displays. All the results you have can be shared through the different social networks.

Head Basketball

head basketball

This game can be said to be quite curious and different from the rest. It is based on giving the different shots with the ball, with a simple control scheme and one-on-one basketball. The most interesting of all is that there are 44 different characters who have specialties that are unique and in this case offer an experience that is practically unique.

Specifically, you can find seven game modes: arcade, campaign, tournament, survival, league, death and headcup. As you progress, you will be able to develop your own character by improving your skill points each time you level up. There is the possibility of playing multiplayer with players around the world. Specifically, it will be done through Game Center and as long as you are connected to the Wi-Fi network.

The most realistic options

If you are a fan of basketball and all its stars, there are some games that are very realistic. In this way you will enjoy a 3D design on most occasions to be able to enjoy basketball to the fullest as if you were really watching a game on a field.

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition

super basket

An Apple Arcade game with which you can play with NBA superstars, having a completely updated squad. You can play for example with Jayson Tatum, Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving and more. It has a graphics engine that will allow you to have very detailed graphics and, above all, a fairly fluid experience. Supports the ability to play multiplayer with up to 2 friends.

You can also start to become a true legend with the CAREER mode that is integrated into this game. The physics are quite successful and it allows you to integrate quite well into the skin of a true basketball player who has the power of the ball. In order to have a better feeling, you can use an Xbox or PS controller to control the character, as if you were on a console.

Slam & Dunk Basketball


The best way to become a true basketball player is with this game. You will be able to demonstrate your skills, movements and strategies as it is a very fast and realistic option. If you are a defender, you will have to be in charge of stealing the ball from your opponents and if on the contrary we are talking about the attacks you will have to score 2 or 3 shots. In this way you will become one of the best basketball players.

We are talking about a game designed completely in 3D and that has different official teams. Specifically, they include Russia, China and also the US. As a negative point, there is always the possibility of playing against artificial intelligence. That is, it does not have a multiplayer mode. Although it has environmental sounds that are real recorded in the matches themselves.

Pro Basketball Manager 2019

This is an option that is available on Steam and has a very good player base. You will take control of an entire team to be able to manage all the movements that you are going to make. In this way, you are facing a game with which you can start your career at the head of the team of your choice who are rookies or legend to lead them to true victory. To do this you must recruit your players and participate in live games by giving them short instructions.

You will also need to ensure that you carry out the necessary operations to improve the club’s finances. Because obviously when managing a complete team of players they are not always limited to the players and the strategies to follow. We will also have to keep in mind all the accounts that are made to square them and avoid having a team that is totally ruined.

Developer: Umix Studios

Strategy alternatives

In order to be a basketball coach, you need to have a lot of strategy. In this way, the best attack or defense strategies can be created to fight against a complete team. Here we show you the best options that exist at the moment.

Basketball Manager 13

basketball manager

A really addictive game that is available on most platforms. It is an application that acts like the clipboard of a basketball coach. You will have to move the players and the balls on the field, draw the lines and change the colors of the players. Name or number the tactic to create the best possible strategy to win the vast majority of games.

On paper it may seem really simple. But as soon as you get in front of the computer, it can be very difficult to create the perfect strategy to be able to have the best possible result. In this case you can find many tactics to save and load and even have new animations. The numbering is automatic and the developers also have a video with the necessary instructions available.

Finger basketball


Fun game that challenges you to score as many shots as you can. You will have at your disposal different daily challenges and the objective will also be to surpass yourself in the leaderboards that you are facing. In this way, your main mission will be to hold the best position in the classification by scoring the highest number of free throws. In this case, the developers have a very good experience, since they have made many similar games.

In this case, the design is quite curious, since the game takes place on a simple board. That is why this is where having enough strategy comes in to make the best possible shots. You simply have to press the specific player or ball to choose the amount of energy that will be used. Then you will also need to determine the angle for the shot or pass.

The ones we recommend

As we have seen, there are many applications that can be found with which to have an experience that is most similar to the real one. In this case, to have real experience, we undoubtedly recommend NBA 2K21 because it has the possibility of playing with the official players of the NBA itself. You will also have attack and defense mechanics that are practically real and all this with very successful graphics.

In the event that you are a more strategist person and you do not want to control the players as such, you should know that there are other options such as Basketball Manager. In this case, you will put yourself in the shoes of a coach who has a management table in front of him. You will have to take into account the different strategies on the board for your players to carry them out.