List of Applications to Download Apple Watch faces

The Apple Watch is a device that has tremendous potential, especially to facilitate many daily actions, however, being a watch, it also fulfills this aesthetic function of a clothing or fashion accessory. Beyond the strap, which of course is very important for the aesthetic section, the dial can also turn your Apple Watch from one moment to the next into a watch for sports or a perfect accessory for that special dinner. For this reason, today we bring you a compilation of applications with which you can further customize the faces of your watch.

Apple watch faces

Are the spheres that Apple gives few?

With each update to watchOS, Apple is introducing new areas so that the range of possibilities increases year after year. In addition, these also adapt to the Apple Watch model you have, there are even some that are exclusive for certain models. If you get into the Apple Watch app from your iPhone, the number of native spheres is enormous, and also because the color combinations for these are almost endless, therefore, in this case Apple is doing quite well, providing many options so that the user can adapt the sphere depending on the time of day.

Exclusive dials with the Nike pattern

In addition to all the dials that watchOS brings, there is an Apple Watch model, specifically the model made in collaboration with Nike that provides a series of exclusive dials for that watch. In fact, this is the only difference of the Nike model with the rest, the possibility of using those own spheres. Therefore, if you really want to have all the options to choose your sphere every day, we recommend that you opt for the Nike model.

Change the face of your Apple Watch with these applications

Buddywatch – Watch Faces


We can consider this application your personal dial stylist for your Apple Watch. With it you can download all the spheres you want and save them in your profile. You can search by categories and tags to find the sphere that best suits your needs at all times.



With Watchfacely you can share and download incredible spheres for your Apple watch. You have access to a huge number of watch faces that are shared by the Apple Watch community.

Developer: PubiLand



MR TIME is an application that will provide you with the option to apply wallpapers, GIFs and videos to the face of your watch. You even have the possibility of being the one who generates those wallpapers to apply them to the spheres of your Apple Watch and maximize the customization of your watch.

Developer: Apposter.Inc.

Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker


In this case we are talking about the sphere platform for the world’s number one Apple Watch. It has millions of users behind it since it is not only compatible with the Apple Watch, but also for other smartwatch models. It has, as its name suggests, more than 100,000 different spheres so you can choose the most appropriate and the one you like the most.

Watch Faces by Facer


Watch Faces by Facer is an application that will unlock the full potential of the Apple Watch thanks to the great customization of the spheres that it has. Within the app you will find thousands of beautiful photographs and designs that you can set as your watch faces.

Watch Face Gallery


If you want to stand out from the crowd thanks to the sphere of your Apple Watch, you have to at least try this application. It has exclusive dials that give you the ability to fully customize the appearance of your Apple Watch. In addition, this app has constant updates to offer new customization options.

iFaces – Custom Apple Watch Themes and Faces


This app gives you the opportunity to personalize the faces of your Apple Watch with images and wallpapers ideal to show off on your wrist. It has beautiful designs made by professional artists, with various themes and content as it has more than 30 packages ready to install.

Watch Widgets for Apple Watch


It is an app that will allow you to personalize the face of your Apple Watch with emojis, text, photos and its unique hand-made icons to get the face you want at all times and thus enjoy a unique and exclusive design that differentiates your Apple Watch from the rest.

Faces – watch covers


This application has more than 1000 of the best wallpapers in HD quality so that you can use them as spheres on your Apple Watch. Ditch with tools to customize each and every one of the spheres and thus achieve your own unique style.

Watch Faces Albums

Watch Faces Albums

With the possibility of carrying out specific searches within this app, you will be able to find just the sphere you were looking for to customize your Apple Watch for every moment of the day. Watch Faces Albums has a huge variety of different spheres, so you will be spoiled for choice.

Transform any photo into a sphere

In addition, natively Apple gives you the option of being able to use any photograph you have on your film and use it as a sphere, therefore, if you have that favorite or unique photograph that you took on that fantastic trip, you can also make use of it. and see it every time you look at the time on your Apple watch. This possibility opens up the option for many users to be able to design their own dials for the Apple Watch, thus obtaining exactly the sphere they wanted and were looking for.