With these LibreOffice templates you will be the king of the class

Summer is coming to an end and going back to school, high school or university is irremediable. Gone are the days of daily fun to give way again to long days of study. To start off on the right foot, nothing better than a good organization. If we use LibreOffice as our office suite, we are in luck since this popular free and open source suite has useful templates with which to keep everything perfectly organized.

Although Microsoft Office is still the most used office suite, the fact that it is paid can be an insurmountable obstacle for many students. That is why LibreOffice has become a great free alternative to work with. In addition, it puts at our disposal a series of predefined templates that can help us back to class.

LibreOffice templates you will be the king of the class

Class schedules

An essential template for going back to school are the class schedules, ideal for both teachers and students.

Border cards

This schedule template is available for four and five days a week. It will only be necessary that we enter the first day of the week, along with the rest of the days in the other cells. It also has cells where we can fill it in with the subjects and the schedule. You have it available here.

Carnets de bord

Digital school diary

This template is especially suitable for teachers of any discipline (although it can also be used by students) as an alternative to printed paper to have the classic school diary . It’s very easy to use and even has a demo video showing how to use and print our full diary. We can download it from this link .

Diario escolar digital

Calculators and mathematical analysis

Mathematical calculations and analysis can be a complex task, so nothing better than having templates that can help us with work.

Zeichner diagram for Draw

This template allows us to have a template of a Cartesian coordinate system created automatically based on various settings. Thus, once the drawing is finished, all the elements of the diagram can be grouped completely. All objects can be individually changed or edited later. We can download it from this link .

Diagrama de Zeichner para Draw

Student Grade Calculator

This is a weighted component-based spreadsheet template , using conditionals to ensure that only components that have been qualified enter the calculation. Likewise, conditioning factors are used to check if things have been added, in which case they are automatically included in the calculation. It has space for five categories (homework, tests, laboratory, final, etc). It can be downloaded from here .

Student Grade Calculator

Plan work

Within the complete catalog of LibreOffice templates we can find many others designed to make life easier for us when we go back to school, such as keeping all our work planned.

Task List Table

This interesting template allows us to list our tasks and mark them as we complete them. It can also be used to introduce a note on a specific day of the week as a reminder. In addition, there is a section to list the actions that we can perform on a weekday from Monday to Sunday. Download this template from this link.

Task List Table

Work Plan

This template has been designed to be used as a work planner . With it, we will be able to have a global vision of what we need to do and schedule the volume of work and tasks that we have to perform each day. We can create the appropriate time intervals and insert our planning for the whole week. In addition, it allows you to create a color scheme for certain tasks and periods of time. We can download this template from here.

Work Plan