LG Smart TVs Will Give Native Support for Google Stadia

LG Stadia

LG announced that its WebOS-based smart TVs will offer native support for Google Stadia . That means that without the need to resort to any type of extra accessory, you can play the entire catalog of titles offered by Google’s streaming gaming platform.

LG gets on the Google Stadia bandwagon

Google Stadia

2021 seems to be an important year for the world of televisions, especially Smart TVs. To begin with, there is the commitment to two new technologies that have been developed for some time and that already seem ready to break into the consumer market. We are talking about the technology of mini LED and micro LED screens.

Both proposals have their own advantages and disadvantages compared to current LED and OLED screens. While one is an improvement at a cost acceptable to many users, the other is an increase in terms of quality, although it will continue to be prohibitive for the vast majority.

However, beyond these advances at the hardware level, another of the aspects that will mark this entire sector during this 2021 will be services and that is where LG has managed to move quickly.

The Korean company announced that its televisions based on the latest versions of WebOS will give native support for Google Stadia . Thanks to this, users of these new televisions that will arrive during the current year will be able to access without having to connect or resort to any other external device such as a Chromecast Ultra.

In addition, the interesting thing is that it will not be a webApp that will give access to the gaming platform via Google streaming, but rather a native application . This in theory should result in a better user experience.

LG TVs compatible with Google Stadia

Despite the fact that LG’s announcement about native support for Google Stadia has turned out to be very brief, there are a couple of pieces of information that are surely the ones that most interest most users and in particular those who already have a TV manufacturer.

The first is that the first LG Smart TVs with Google Stadia will be the ones that hit the market and belong to the 2021 range . That means that both OLED and QNED Mini LED, NanoCell and other 2021 models with WebOS 6.0 will have access to the service.

If you have a smart TV with WebOS 5.0, then you will have to wait until the end of the year for the native application to access Google Stadia to be available on the LG Content Store.

With this move, not only LG can benefit greatly, but also Google, which would be ahead of other rivals such as xCloud or even GeForce Now from Nvidia or Luna from Amazon. Another thing is that there are users who really put access to certain services before the best possible image quality, which would be the really important thing to consider by any user.

Because accessing Netflix, HBO, Google Stadia or any other service is something that can easily be fixed with external devices and update them to improve performance when needed.