Kojima's game for Xbox could be Overdose and it can be played on mobile

Just a week ago, information reached the media that put us on the track of what the next project by Hideo Kojima will be, one of the last remaining gurus of the old industry and thanks to whom we owe masterpieces such as the Metal Gear saga or, most recently, Death Stranding. The fact is that his new project with Microsoft, announced on June 12, has revolutionized an industry that is looking for evidence of what he is involved in.

Kojima returns to terror

Kojima's game for Xbox could be Overdose

If you remember, it was the Try Hard Guides website that published a whole series of data on what this new Kojima Productions game would be , offering the name, development and even the face of one of its characters. The first was Overdose , the second a horror development in the first and third person and the last Margaret Qualley, whom we saw again after her time in Death Stranding in the role of Mom. So now it’s time to fit the puzzle of what the Japanese came to say at the Microsoft conference.

And one of those details is that his new game was going to use the technological power of Microsoft’s cloud game , without specifying a platform, so it is clear that not only PC or Xbox could be his destination stations, but any other device that has a screen and a stable internet connection, such as smartphones with iOS and Android, or tablets. In such a way that in one stroke he would end up taking his Overdose to any imaginable corner of the planet


Hideo Kojima has always expressed his creativity in countless interviews in which he has come to speculate on potential projects in which he would like to explore new limits. Surely Microsoft has opened that door wide for him, which has caused him to pronounce a phrase at the North American showcase that says it all: “this is the game I always wanted to make”, surely not only because of the theme but also for ability to take it everywhere. To all the world.

It is confirmed in the information

As we tell you, in the last hours Try Hard Guides has not only reaffirmed everything he published, and that served him to receive a request from Kojima Productions to remove any news related to Overdose , but they expand things a little more which, precisely, come to confirm what was seen in the Microsoft showcase .

And it is that from the media they reveal new information such as those images of Overdose to which they had access seemed to be recorded to a person who was playing with a mobile phone, a Google Pixel almost certainly, which would serve as total confirmation after the announcement that the technology in the North American cloud has been key for the Japanese to get on the bandwagon of the Xbox ecosystem.

StadiaGoogle Logo

But there is more. In the year 2020 Stadia canceled dozens of projects that it had planned to produce, including a horror that would be distributed in episodes. The thing stayed there until in May of the same year Hideo Kojima confessed that “an important project for me has recently been canceled , so I’m quite angry.” Is it possible that the work he initially did for Google’s cloud platform has ended up in the hands of Microsoft?

We’ll see, but for now Overdose is the only clue we have about what’s new that the Japanese is preparing.