How to Know Which Fan to Buy if One Breaks on Your GPU

A very common problem is the fact that a fan of our GPU breaks or starts to fail. In this case, many users wait for said fan to finish breaking with the thought that the GPU can go to a drawer, or instead, they have to go out and find a compatible heatsink. But the reality is that the fans have replacement in most models, the difficulty is knowing how to choose the right model. How can we do it?

The process is very simple, it does not require previous knowledge for a correct choice and it is enough to follow the steps to obtain the correct model.


However, it is true that not all GPU models will have fans available for replacement, especially if we are talking about old or very old graphics cards, mainly because at that time the industry did not do business with this type of product and for This was not launched on the market.

The choice is to know our graphics card model


First of all, the first thing we have to have on hand is either the graphics card itself or its box. What we are going to look for is the specific GPU model and especially its SKU.

This is the first step that in well-known and sold models will save us from having to unmount the graphics card even from the PC. The next step and with this data already known is to go directly to Aliexpress and enter by search (in our case and as an example) “Zotac gaming GTX 1660 SUPER AMP 6 GB fans” or “zt-16620D-10M fans).


This is usually enough for the fans to appear in this search, where as a rule we will have different vendors. If this does not happen or we do not find the specific model, we must resort to the most complicated step, which is to disassemble the card and its fans.

With them already in hand, on the back, we will see the specific model, as well as its voltage and amperage and of course its connection to the GPU PCB.

The specific model of fan is the best sign to find it


There is nothing like knowing the specific fan model to maximize your search. In our case and continuing with the previous example, our Zotac mounts two Apistek GA92A2H with 12v and 0.35 amps, having these control by PWM as we see in its connector.

As it will happen to some of you, for the model or card SKU we have not been able to find the fans, but for the specific model of fan yes.


In fact, one of the sellers gives us the option to buy either both, or one or the other, facilitating the cheapest purchase if we only have problems with one of them.

As you can see the process is simple, the replacement is usually not very expensive (especially if you have problems with a fan) and prevents the GPU from being left in a drawer due to lack of warranty, thus giving it a longer useful life and saving us money that we can allocate to the purchase of another GPU.


Of course, when we decide and not because of such a silly break and on the other hand something common in towers with a lot of dust inside.