How to Know or Check if My Email Is Going to Spam with UnSpam Email

When we send an email we hope that it can reach its destination without problems. However, without knowing it, our emails may not reach their addressee for some reason because they are classified as Spam. One way to check is by using an advanced email checker and reputation spam checking tool. In that sense, thanks to UnSpam Email we will discover if your sent email is classified as spam, and also what reputation we have so that we can correct it if necessary.

When the email that we use for work or those of our company does not reach its destination, it can be detrimental to our economy and also to the reputation of a company. One of the worst problems that can happen to a company is that their domain is on a spammers blacklist and their emails never reach their destination because the different antispam filters will block this email.

Know or Check if My Email Is Going to Spam with UnSpam Email

Not only companies with their own domains have the problem that their emails are classified as spam, even if you have email addresses from Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, your email address could be on one of these spammers lists, therefore, When you go to send an email, it will go to spam directly and without being able to see it in the inbox. If the recipient often checks his mailbox for spam, and sees your email, then he could recover it, but surely not every day he checks the spam, and he may even delete it directly without looking at the emails because he trusts the antispam protection of your company or organization.

There are tools such as UnSpam Email, which will allow us to send you an email to verify that our source email address, or the entire domain of the company, is on a black list that will prevent emails from reaching the inbox, but it will directly be classified as spam, with all the problems that this decision can cause to a commercial communication, technical or any other communication in professional fields.

What UnSpam Email offers us

Thanks to UnSpam Email we will be able to quickly know when our domain or IP address has been included in a blacklist. Thus, knowing it, we can take the appropriate measures immediately. It also generates an email preview to ensure that your email is displayed correctly on each device, platform or operating system.

In addition, it creates a follow-up prediction heatmap that provides them with valuable information after running a campaign. Thus, we can obtain better results with data on where our subscribers look and how they read our emails.

Other things they offer are:

  • Reduce the risk of being blocked by a reverse DNS email service provider by proving that our IP address is correct.
  • Checking for broken links and short urls.
  • Unsubscribe header list that includes a simple unsubscribe mechanism and prevents our email from being rated for Spam.
  • Domain Suffix & Age that checks if email service providers see our domain as trustworthy.

UnSpam Email is free and limited to 10 tests per month, 10 email previews, and 5 email heat maps. If we need a greater capacity we will have to go to a paid version.

How to use UnSpam Email

One thing to comment on is that if we want we can create an account to access it. If it is going to be used very often it may be a good idea. To use UnSpam Email we do not have to install any type of software since it is a web tool. All you have to do is click on this link and you will see a screen like this:

Here, the first thing to do is copy the email address of the service that is marked in a red box. We will do it by pressing the button on the right with two squares. The first step it asks us to do is send an email to the email address that we have copied. Therefore, the next step we have to take is to open our e-mail account and enter the address we just copied as the recipient. Here we must be careful not to close that tab because each time we enter it generates a different verification key.

This is the e-mail that I have sent where you can see all these steps:

Once done, what we have to do is click on the button Step2: View results .

Next, we have to wait a few minutes for the first results to appear.

So the UnSpam Email program gives us a score based on whether we are on a domain or IP blacklist, whether we have SPF record, signed DKIM, DMARC authentication, reverse DNS, and more. In this case, a score of 87% is obtained with a series of points to improve as in the reverse DNS and that I do not have an unsubscribe list.

On the top right we have EMAIL PREVIEW in which we can see the message we send and we can see how it would be displayed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Finally, we have HEAT MAP CHECKING that will generate some heat maps.

Also below in Click to copy the report link , you can save the result in case you do not have an account to consult it later.

In summary, thanks to UnSpam Checker a series of advanced tests are executed to check if our e-mail can end up in the Spam folder. Without a doubt, it offers us well-detailed results with which we can understand the problem and take the appropriate measures to fix it. If you are the systems administrator of a company and you have just configured your email, it would be recommended that you use this tool to find out if the emails are being received correctly by the recipients, or have been wrongly incorporated into the spam folder.