How to Know if Someone Has Hacked My WhatsApp Account

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most used methods to spy on someone's WhatsApp conversations is to link that account with a third-party device through WhatsApp Web.

If you suspect that someone might be spying on your WhatsApp conversations or just want to get out of doubt, we recommend that you follow the steps below.

Step 1: First make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your Android or iOS device. Keep in mind that the application is really updated often to solve all the security problems detected. You can download the latest version of WhatsApp under these lines.

Step 2: Once you have WhatsApp updated, open the application and enter its options menu. To do this you simply have to click on the cone of the three points that in its version for Android is in the upper right corner of the screen.

You will see that a drop-down menu will appear where the “WhatsApp Web” option appears, click on it to manage this service.

Step 3:  In the new window will appear all active sessions that are currently linked to your WhatsApp account. If you never used the web version of this service, you should see the tutorial on how to scan the QR code or the list should appear empty. Otherwise, someone is spying on you through WhatsApp web.

If you have used WhatsApp Web in the past, it is possible that the session has been left open on your desktop computer. Check each one of them thanks to the information about your locationbrowser and time of last use.

To prevent anyone from continuing to spy on you, simply click on the "Close all sessions" option. This will prevent the person who linked your mobile to your computer can continue reading everything you send through the application.

Other ways to detect that someone has hacked your WhatsApp

The fact that no one has linked your WhatsApp account through WhatsApp Web does not imply that your account is safe. There are some small tricks with which you will know without a doubt that someone is accessing your account.

The first of all is to check if text messages that you have not read in WhatsApp appear as read. This is obviously because the person who gossips your conversations opens the messages before you do. If this happens, it is likely that someone has access to the messaging application without your consent.

Another way in which you can detect that something is not going well in your WhatsApp account is if they start to appear messages that you have not sent or if on the contrary, someone makes mention of something you have said without remembering to have done it. Many criminals use WhatsApp to misinform and obtain data not only from your person but also from your contacts. It is therefore likely that they will contact members of your agenda impersonating your identity.