How to Know if Your Huawei Phone will Receive EMUI 10

Apart from the presentation of new models and internal work to launch alternative services to Google, Huawei is still immersed in the update of many of its models to EMUI 10 . There are still thousands of users with Huawei and Honor models that have not received the expected update, but is there a way to know for sure if a mobile is going to be updated?

We have seen how the tricky world of updates brings many users upside down. On the one hand there are the models that are considered “outdated” and that will never receive the novelties of a new operating system, however cool they are technically speaking. On the other hand, there are those mobiles that take longer than others to update, without occasionally finding reasons.

It is very possible that two identical Huawei phones do not have the same operating system version. In MovilZona we have even seen users who have updated to EMUI 10 with a P Smart 2019, while others are still waiting for the expected warning to skip. Apart from forcing such an update with HiCare , there is important information that we have to take into account.

emui 10

The official Huawei list

Huawei has a section where you can consult the models that are going to be updated to EMUI 10 including the Honor terminals. The most important requirement is to have the most recent version of EMUI 9.1 , so we cannot jump or wait for EMUI 10 if we have not yet gone through EMUI 9.

Verify model number and compilation

The following official list prepared by Huawei, contains the models compatible with EMUI 10. That is, we can verify if our model number and compilation match the list to make sure that we will receive this update. Since sometimes, either because they are terminals provided by operators or purchased from other markets, these data may vary.

huawie moviles con emui10

Where to find the data

In order to know our model number and compilation number, just go to Settings / About the Phone . Once inside and looking at the model number and compilation, we can check the data with the table provided by Huawei to confirm that our mobile is effectively compatible with EMUI 10.

Huawei numero de modelo 01

More compatible phones

Keep in mind that the brand does not offer a daily update of the models that are updated, so there are other models that are receiving EMUI 10 This is the case of some of the most recent such as the Huawei Mate 20 Lite or the Honor 10 and Honor 10 View. This means that your mobile does not have to lose hope of trying EMUI 10.