Know how much electricity your PC uses to reduce the electricity bill

With electricity at high prices, one of our main concerns is to avoid unnecessary consumption at all costs to reduce the electricity we consume, to reduce the electricity bill. And one of those devices that we use all day is the computer. Have you ever wondered how much electricity your computer uses and how we can prevent the electricity bill from skyrocketing every month? We explain it below and we see all the options so you know how much electricity you spend.

Although it is inevitable to have the computer on when you go to work from home or when you want to play, we should take into account how much electricity it uses or we should know how to measure consumption in a simple way… There are several methods that we can take into account , although there are some more easy.

how much electricity your PC uses

We will not be able to know how much this electricity costs us, but it will be enough for us to do the calculations by looking at the price of electricity or the specific price of our bill that we pay month by month and that we can consult online.

Use an online calculator

We can get an idea of consumption through an online energy calculator, the fastest option and which allows us an estimate based on the components we have installed on our PC, although, of course, we must know them beforehand. If you know the technical specifications of all of them , we fill them in a calculator and we will have the electricity spent.

As you can see in the screenshot below we have to fill in all the data such as graphics cards, monitor, mouse model, storage, computer use per day, use for gaming or renders… It will take us some time to have all the data and fill it in and it will require you to have a minimum knowledge of computers to know how to fill in each section, but it is an interesting and simple option if you do not want to install any program, for example.

power supply

Use programs or applications

The second easiest option to find out how much energy a computer uses is to use a specific program, an application or software for Windows that we can download for free and that takes care of the measurement without the need for us to do anything manually. We download the program and it will measure the different specific components of the PC and how much each of them consumes.

One option is to download AIDA64 for free. We downloaded it, installed it, ran it as administrator by clicking the right mouse button and going to the “Tools” option on the taskbar and to “System Stability Test” or system stability test. So we can test our PC . Once inside this section, we check all the boxes in the upper left corner and click on the corresponding button to do the test.

When we have arrived here, we go to the “ Energy ” tab and we will see how the computer is consuming energy. In addition, we can uncheck the different boxes if we want a more specific measurement of some components or others.