Activate the Super Alexa secret mode and stay with everyone

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, mainly through Echo devices, has become the industry benchmark ahead of Google or Apple solutions. Using voice commands we can do dozens of actions or access a lot of information, in addition to receiving reminders and other useful things for our day to day. If we go one step further, we can turn the lights on and off, play our favorite music or make the shopping list, among others. However, Alexa is much more and hides a series of quite interesting (and fun) secret modes.

Activate the Super Alexa secret mode

Alexa is capable of doing dozens of things , as we have already mentioned in the introduction. Some are as amazing as controlling our Smart TV with Alexa, but we can go a step further to wow our friends and family. The smart speaker offers some hidden functions that not all users know about and, although they are not really useful for much, they can make us have a good time. In this case, we focus on knowing and learning how the Super Alexa secret mode is activated.

What is Super Alexa mode?

Basically, Super Alexa mode is a hidden function of Amazon Echo devices that we can easily activate. To do this, we must know a special code. If we say it right, the mode will activate and we will laugh for a while. Despite what it may seem, it is only anecdotal and does not offer any real functionality or allow access to any special options.

All you have to do is say: “Alexa, activate Super Alexa mode” , to which the speaker will reply: “Super Alexa mode is super secret. I will only be able to activate it if you tell me the secret code”. As we have already said, it will not activate any special function, but it is a joke with which Amazon intends to make us smile. Some consider that it may be a nod to those old consoles in which we could activate cheats by following a combination of buttons.

To activate the super Alexa mode, you have to approach the Alexa speaker or open the Alexa application on your mobile, which is for iPhone and Android, and say the following words:

“Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.”

In case of doing it correctly, Alexa will answer us: “Din, din, din, the code is exact, downloading updates” . If we don’t say it right or are too slow, Alexa will tell us that it is a super secret code and that we must repeat it. This is just one of the “secret” modes of Amazon smart speakers, do you know any more?