Kahoot: a game for children and adults where you always learn something new

Kaboot! It is much more than a game, it is a free platform where you can create evaluation questionnaires, that is why many teachers use it to learn or improve learning in classes.

It is a fun way to acquire new knowledge by playing as a quiz, which can be used both to learn new things and to have a good afternoon with family or friends.


You can do it on a specific topic or a lesson or on a subject or whatever you want, it has a large number of possibilities and that is why it is an excellent resource for learning of all kinds. It is free, although it has paid plans without ads and with fewer limitations.

How to start playing with Kahoot?

The first thing you have to start using it from your mobile is to download it from the app store of your mobile.

First steps in the app

When you have done so, you must follow the steps indicated, which goes through creating a type of account . It can be for a teacher, student, professional or for personal use if you want to play with whoever you want. You must indicate who is going to use it , also suitable for children, and indicate your age.

It will ask you who you usually play with and you will finally appear on the platform so you can use it. In order for you to fully enjoy its benefits, you will have to register, although it is not necessary in some cases.


You will find different sections:

  • Start
  • Discover (you can see courses created and play live or on your own)
  • Join (you can join an invited group with a PIN or by scanning a QR code)
  • Create (you can create your own kahoot for other people to participate)
  • Library (you have several resources here if you identify yourself with your account)

We recommend that you explore the sections so that you can take full advantage of the potential of this app.

To play!

When you enter a course already created from the discoveries section, or join one from the Join section, you will have to answer the questions correctly in a certain time. You have 4 response options and they will tell you if you were correct or not when you answered.

Your goal is to do your best and without running out of time. You can follow the people who do the courses if you find them interesting, to see if they create new content that you want to discover.

You will have a great time with the courses that you are invited to or discover from the platform, whether you do it yourself or compete with other people to see who is better.


Can I make my own games with Kahoot?

To create a new game or course , you must go to the Create section and follow the steps indicated. You have to add a cover image, title, theme and add questions. They can be true or false, quiz, puzzle, short answer, slider, poll, and many others.

When you have chosen which one interests you, the available options will appear for you to start asking your questions. For example, in true or false you will add your question and these two options will appear by default. You will add the questions you want and mark the answer by pressing on it and giving the correct answer on the button. You will have to add at least 5 questions and log in or register for it to be published.


When you have clicked to save, you will have it in drafts or you will be able to publish it, although for that you may need a payment plan. You can share it with whoever you want so that other people can enjoy or learn with it. Valid for all types of courses, for classes, to play with the family or for whatever comes to mind.