iTranslate Converse: the Best Real-time Translation Application for iPhone

realtime-translation-app-10When we go to a country unknown to us both for tourism or work we must know how to defend ourselves in the language of this so as not to be misplaced. Knowing different languages is vital, especially English that is one of the most widespread but if you have not had time to learn a language you can use your iPhone to communicate without problem . In this article we recommend an ideal real-time translation application.

Keep a conversation in another language easily thanks to the iPhone

It is true that there are many applications that perform this translation in real time like Google Translator, but this time iTranslate Converse includes a series of algorithms that work really well . These will allow us to have a fluid conversation with any other person even if we do not speak the same language.

In the first start we make to the application we will be required several permissions. Specifically, we must allow access to the microphone and also voice recognition. We must bear in mind that our voice data is also sent to Apple to process the requests and will help Apple in improving voice recognition.

iTranslate Converse

Once we have granted the permits, we will take action to learn how to use this application. If we make a slide on the screen that comes up we will see that two flags appear , one above and one below. With a simple touch above these we can change the language of the transmitter and receiver being available up to 40 different languages . Once selected we will return to the previous screen by sliding down with our finger.

To start a real-time translation, simply press and hold the screen and speak in one of the two languages selected above. For example, if we have selected English and Spanish by pressing and holding, we can say ‘Hello’ and we will obtain a written translation at the time and also loudly. This is why we can easily have a conversation with another person since we simply have to press, speak, listen and repeat that process in reverse with the other participant in the conversation. For us this is an application that is essential if we are going to travel the world since we can talk with anyone on the street to ask for directions or communicate for example with a waiter or a policeman.

Another of the benefits that this application includes is that it is fully compatible with the Apple Watch. We can make real-time translations from our own wrist without any problem so we will not have to be with the iPhone in your hand that can be somewhat uncomfortable.

iTranslate Converse Apple Watch

Although iTranslate Converse is an application that can be downloaded for free, if we do not want to run into any type of barrier in its use we will have to make a payment of € 4.99 per month . We believe it is worth paying this monthly subscription if we are going to travel to another country to have unlimited translations.