ISP Promotions: Deals You Should Have an Eye out for

Everyone is looking for reasons to feel good in these hard times of global pandemic situation caused by corona virus COVID19. All the year we have spent till now, was filled with uncertainty. The year 2020 is now coming towards an end and we are still stuck in our homes, working from home, taking online classes and forced to stay entertained at home. We can no longer go out for long rides, a relaxing drink, a party that makes you forget everything or traveling since everything is paused. We are trying to press that play button so we can resume our lives the same way.


There are still some chances for a second wave. During these hard time, Spectrum is giving some amazing offers and discounts to facilitate you, so you can have some peace of mind. Spectrum has a 24/7 Spectrum customer service option, you will always find their representatives live on the line and you can ask any questions.

While working from home you need a good and a high speed internet and if you get discounts on that, what else you will want? Here you will find all the details about the promotion discounts that Spectrum is currently offering.

First you need to make a choice for the speed that you have to sign up for. Since, Spectrum is a merger between Charter, Time Warner and The Bright House Network so, it is serviceable in more than 44 states.

The Internet Speed Choices Spectrum is offering on Promotional Prices:

  • Minimum speed of 100 Mbps: Depending on your location the minimum speed that Spectrum is offering is 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps, which is usually the highest speed available by many other providers. With Spectrum the minimum speed is 100 Mbps which is a very high speed internet. Even if you are working from home, taking online classes, this is the best speed for 3 to 5 devices. You can connect your tablet, laptop, mobile phones very easily. The promotional discounted price for this package is $49.99 per month only.
  • High speed of 400 Mbps: This is an ideal speed for larger households. You can easily connect 7 to 8 devices at the same time and you will not face any hurdles in your speed. You can easily take online classes, attend Zoom meetings or take skype calls. You will not face any issue while using FaceTime. You can easily binge watch your favorite seasons on Netflix or Hulu or watch YouTube, this is an ideal speed that caters all your needs. The promotional discounted price for this package is around $67.97 per month.
  • Highest Internet of 1 GIG: The Ultra high speed of 1 GIG is a blazing fast speed. If you are a game addict and you want no intrusion while playing all your favorite games like FIFA, PUBG or COD on your PS4 or X-box then this an ideal speed tier for you. You can play as much as you want, take as many online classes that are required, attend all those meetings and watch as many seasons you want on Netflix or Hulu. With 1 Gig internet speed you will never see that buffering symbol on your screen again. This highest speed internet is around $99.99 on promotional discounted price.

Additional features and benefits of Spectrum

  1. No Contracts

With Spectrum internet services you never need to sign any contracts. That is a tremendous offer by Spectrum that allows you to keep your services for as long as you like. There is no early termination fee or hidden charges.

  1. Free Access to Nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots

You get an option to use your internet on the go. You can connect your devices with Spectrum internet anywhere through nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and browse as much as you want.

  1. Unlimited Data without Data Cap

Spectrum offers you unlimited data and you can download as much as you want since there are no data caps on any speed that you choose. All packages come along truly Unlimited Speed.

  1. Free Modem

Spectrum offers free internet modem with any package that you choose. Only Spectrum offers free modem to its users.

Wrapping up:

Spectrum is the provider which is the most economical and best in quality. You get amazing discounted deals with Spectrum high speed internet and you are free to make changes in your plan anytime you want. Who does not like discounts?