Is your photo dark? Bring it to life with Photoshop Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to the programs that we have in the middle of 2021, we can carry out a multitude of jobs related to retouching and editing photos. These try to make things much easier for us, as is the case with the proposal called Photoshop Elements.

This is a type of task that for some is somewhat complicated, at least a priori, however, thanks to these applications, things have changed a lot lately. By this, what we mean is that we can carry out a series of truly amazing modifications and changes in very few steps. Even if we are novice users of this type of image editing program, we have the possibility of obtaining great results.

Is your photo dark

From there we will already have the possibility to share or show those final projects to our friends and family, either on site, by mail, social networks , etc. Once we know all this, then we are going to talk about a trick to make our personal photos come to life in a matter of seconds. With this, what we want to tell you is that we are going to have the possibility of adding an extra brightness and contrast to those current images that we have a bit old or neglected.

Perhaps at first this may seem like a somewhat complex task now that a multitude of functions and filters must be applied, but in reality it is not like that. For all this we are going to use a powerful application that is considered the little sister of the popular Photoshop photo editor. Actually, we are talking about a proposal more focused on the end user, so it is somewhat less professional, we are referring to Adobe Photoshop Elements .

Make your images look brighter with Photoshop Elements

As we mentioned, this is a program that focuses more on the end user, so Adobe tries to make things easier for us. The case that we are talking about at the moment serves as a clear example of all this, that is, applying a brightness and light on any photograph that has something dark. What at first in other programs might seem like a complex task, here even the most novice can do it. In the event that we want to apply this effect to our personal images , the first thing we will do is run the Adobe application.

brillo elements

At the top of the main interface we find several tabs belonging to various basic tasks of Elements. So we will see a section for fun editions, special editions, basic concepts and a tab called Basic concepts. As you can imagine, we only have to click on it to carry out the process that interests us in these circumstances. Once we are located in the aforementioned tab, we will see that the program itself presents us with several available transformations that we can choose from.

At that moment we just have to click on the one that interests us the most in each case, Brightness and contrast. Before we must load the image or images in the program with which we are going to work. Thus, in this way as we can we will be able to give a more alive, bright and current appearance to our images with a few mouse clicks. In addition, for all this that we are commenting on, it is not necessary that we have knowledge about image editing .