Is it worth buying a smartwatch for less than 20 euros?

Thanks to the advancement and development of technology , many very useful products have been developed that help many people on a day-to-day basis. One of them is the smartwatch , a device that is placed on the wrist and although it seems that it is just a watch to tell the time, it can do many more functions in addition to that. There are very expensive models, but there are good and cheap smart watches that do not exceed 20 euros.

But is it worth buying a cheap smartwatch or is it better to go for a more expensive option?

Is it worth buying a smartwatch for less than 20 euros

What can a smartwatch do?

A few years ago, when this was not such a popular and requested product, only the big brands put them on sale. Its main function, in addition to giving the time, was to provide information to the user about different data related to the practice of sport. However, with the passage of time, more brands have joined this world by releasing cheap models that can do the same as the expensive ones.

Smartwatches have sensors capable of measuring blood pressure and heart rate, calculating the quantity and quality of sleep, the number of steps we take and the number of kilometers we travel in a day. It can even serve as a GPS navigator to move around the city.

There are big brands like Samsung or Apple that have launched Smartwatch that can perform the same functions as a mobile phone . With them you can listen to music, make and receive calls, view photos and videos, look at the calendar or even view WhatsApp messages. Along with these functions, all those mentioned above are also included.

It is possible that there are many people who for their work require a very complete device and need to opt for an expensive smartwatch option.

Is a cheap smartwatch profitable?

But at the same time, there are also many people for whom a smartwatch is not an essential device, but a good complement. By simply wearing a small bracelet on their arm, these people will be able to collect a lot of very useful data in an inexpensive way and without having to buy a smartwatch from a big brand.

Another aspect to take into account when buying a smart watch is the battery life . There are smartwatch whose battery lasts for weeks without having to charge it, which makes it very convenient not to have to charge it every day (which is what happens with smartphones). We must also check if our smart watch can be linked with our phone to be able to receive messages and calls.

So, if you think you need a smartwatch model that does not lack anything and that is of a good size, it may be better to opt for a more expensive option . However, there are also very inexpensive options that can work just like the expensive ones.

The expensive models may have a better design, a larger screen or water resistance, something that many of the cheap models will not have, but these are still secondary details, since the important thing is the different functionalities that the device can offer. smartwatch.

Therefore, it can definitely be worth it to get a cheap smartwatch and thus save us good money.