Is it Worth Buying a Refurbished MacBook?

Apple computers are very attractive to many consumers, although their price can be prohibitive. However, we could find a solution to this problem with the purchase of a refurbished MacBook by Apple, so in this article we will try to shed some more information about these computers and whether or not they are worth it.

Differences in Packaging of a Refurbished MacBook

A new MacBook, like any other new product worth its salt, comes packaged in a box with its protective plastics, user guides, accessories and everything completely packed without ever having been opened after leaving the factories. It also has completely new components that, except for manufacturing defects, will work correctly. But is this the same on a refurbished MacBook?

Worth Buying a Refurbished MacBook

These other devices are also packaged in an Apple box that, despite its aesthetic differences, is still of good quality and guarantees that the product is perfectly packaged and safe. It also comes with all kinds of guides necessary for its use, as well as accessories such as the charging cable and the power adapter. In the matter of the components if there are changes, as we will see in the next section.

Are the parts of these computers new?

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Not all parts that come with a refurbished MacBook are new. These devices come from users who have had their MacBook replaced due to a defect, or are those who have already been detected as defective and have been withdrawn from sale. Those that have been purchased and still working perfectly have also ended up being returned in the established return period. However, as indicated by Apple itself, some components such as the battery, screen or chassis have been changed if they have any defects. In addition to that they have passed performance tests that have verified the proper functioning of the equipment. So for all intents and purposes it is like a brand new MacBook.

Same guarantee as a new MacBook

Note: on the Apple website there is only 1 year of coverage, but Apple Spain workers confirm that in Europe it is 2 years and the indications on the web are due to translations of the company’s website in the United States.

In this area it is possible to not worry because the guarantee of a new Apple product also applies to them. This means that a reconditioned MacBook will have a 26-month warranty , 2 months more than what the European regulations establish as the legal minimum. The coverage is also adjusted, having free repairs in case these are not due to misuse by the user.

In any case, it is possible to contract AppleCare + . This is an insurance or extended guarantee that the company offers, being able to contract it for 24 months and that covers some repairs that the normal guarantee leaves uncovered and reducing the price of some of these to pay a much cheaper franchise.

How and where to buy a refurbished MacBook

There are several stores that offer these devices, although each one has different conditions regarding warranty and parts. The products that we are analyzing in this article are those offered by Apple itself, so if you go to an Apple Store you can obtain information to carry out the purchase as if it were any other equipment.

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It is also possible to make these purchases from the Apple reconditioned website with the same conditions. Here you can examine all the products that are in stock, choose the one that suits you best and make the payment using your credit card or Apple Pay.

The downside of refurbished MacBooks

So far there are few problems found with these devices, but the truth is that they do have one, and that is that there is very limited stock . As these products are not mass-produced like the new ones, it totally depends on the equipment to be reconditioned that the company has and therefore you may not find one with the characteristics and configurations you want. This is a big difference with a new one, which allows you to choose the processor, color, RAM, storage and more. These do not and you will have to settle for what they bring as standard.

So is a refurbished MacBook worth it?

Yes. Throughout this article we have discussed the most important thing regarding these products and except for the last point, they are more than recommended computers. The price is lower , being already a reason for weight on many occasions, but it is that you will also be enjoying products with original and new parts in many cases and that if you add the 2-year warranty makes it a temptation.

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If you want to save some money and have had a look at a reconditioned MacBook whose characteristics are according to your needs, go ahead. You will be able to enjoy a great team for many years with the certainty that they will try to help you solve any unexpected problem that arises. In any case, you will have a 14-day return period in case in that time you do not think you are satisfied with the equipment.