Fortnite Golden Mushrooms: Where are They, How to Find Them

An extremely rare item is starting to appear on Fortnite Island . They are the so-called golden mushrooms , an item that offers a number of shield-related perks, and which, due to its rarity, is starting to create a wave of rumors and theories that is driving more than one user crazy. But where are these types of mushrooms?

In search of the golden mushroom

Fortnite Golden Mushrooms
The latest update applied in the game is causing the appearance of a series of very peculiar mushrooms. They are the golden mushrooms, a very striking version that allows the player to obtain 100 shield points immediately, making it a very interesting complement to be covered in the face of a possible confrontation.

As you can imagine, it is a highly desired object, which is why many users have begun to search for it intensively since its existence has been known. The problem? Find them.

Where are the golden mushrooms?

Fortnite champiñon dorado

Such a succulent object would not magically appear for free. It will be difficult to find it, and it is all due to the appearance ratio it has, which seems to be extremely low.

According to Hypex, a well-known Fortnite dataminer, the chance of a golden mushroom appearing is 0.0001%, it does not appear in food boxes and the maximum number that can be stored in the backpack is 3 units. You’ll be able to find it alongside other blue mushrooms near trees, and even in water, so sharpen your sense of mushroom picker and watch out for the golden ones.

You probably won’t find it in the first game. Neither in the second, nor in the third, so arm yourself with patience and do not think about it, it could simply appear to you at the most unexpected moment. Of course, if the craving can and you are wanting to see one up close, you can always go into creative mode and select the option of the Golden Mushroom to get out of doubt. Or better yet, enter creation with reference 0972-8666-3236 to see exactly what the mushrooms look like.

And it is that entering the creative mode and placing your own mushroom will not be so easy. The mushroom item will offer both blue (normal) and gold versions, and considering the percentage chance of spawn it has, chances are you’ll have to drop hundreds of mushrooms until you hit a gold one.

The desired golden objects

It is not the first time that a gold item has driven players crazy. It has already happened with the mythical gold fish, and every day more than one player screams with joy when he meets a golden weapon. It is the special thing about rarities, which in addition to giving you special and unique characteristics, gives you joy in the middle of the game.

Are you also an addict of gold objects? Have you already found such a mushroom?