Is it now more expensive to use the oven?

Dinner time is approaching and your desire to eat a pizza grows. At that moment, you ask yourself one of the most famous debates on the internet: is it cheaper to cook a pizza at home or order it?

Let’s face it, not everyone has a wood oven at home to make a pizza worthy of the best Italian restaurant. The safest thing is that you have an electric oven and that your concern is how that pizza craving is going to affect your electricity bill.

The Internet has seen the birth of a multitude of legends around the cost of baking a pizza at home. The only absolute truth is that the electricity company you have hired has a lot to do with this issue.

Is it now more expensive to use the oven

How much does it cost to make a pizza at home

We know that settling this historic debate is going to be difficult. There are many factors that go into how much it costs to make a pizza at home.

First of all, you must take into account the type of pizza determines the time and amount of energy required to achieve the perfect point. A thick crust pizza will take slightly longer than a thin crust one. In addition, the ingredients also play a role. Generally, pizzas with meat tend to take longer in the oven .

Here, the pickiest would also include the price of the pizza itself . We leave this to your choice … In the supermarket pizza shelf, there are different brands of pizza from € 2 to whatever you want to spend. As a general rule, making a homemade pizza is usually more expensive since you have to buy all the ingredients .

The second factor to consider is the oven in which you cook the pizza . A super efficient last generation oven does not consume the same as an old model that loses heat through the door. The temperature at which we put it also influences.

Although the oven is not one of the most consuming appliances, it is important to pay attention to its energy efficiency and consumption labels . A label A consumes up to 80% less than the lower categories. Regarding the electricity consumption of the oven, it is usually between 1.2Wh and 2 kWh.

Finally, it also influences what time you want to eat the pizza . If you have time discrimination in your rate, the price of electricity varies depending on the hours . Take advantage of the cheapest hours (off-peak hours) so that preparing the pizza will be cheaper.

To calculate how much it costs to make a pizza at home, you will only have to multiply the consumption of your oven by the price per kWh that your company offers you. Keep in mind that to make a pizza, the oven is usually on for about 20 minutes. Once you have the result, look for the home delivery menu of your favorite pizzeria and compare: what is cheaper for you?

Tips to save light with the oven

This is not here.  We are not satisfied with giving you such an open answer. We want to complete this article with some tips to save energy with the oven . You will have to read something while you wait for the pizza to be made, right?

Avoid opening the door

We know it’s hard to resist opening the door to see (and smell) the cheese melting. But keep in mind that every time you open the oven, you are letting the heat escape . Specifically, between 25 and 50 ºC every time you look out.

Take advantage of residual heat

If you’ve left the door closed all the time, the oven will have maintained the ideal temperature. Turn off the oven during the last few minutes of baking to take advantage of the residual heat to finish gratinating the cheese.

Cook several things in the same session

Take advantage of the fact that you turn on the oven to cook several foods at the same time. If you put a pizza, add the garnish potatoes on another level so that it cooks all at once. This will reduce the time you need to have the oven on.

Cut the food into small pieces

Fillet or chop the food into small portions. This way they will take less time to cook and you can save a few pennies .

Use the right kitchenware

There are materials that conduct heat better than others. Use glass or ceramic containers to reduce cooking time .

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

Dirt and grease that stick to the walls of your oven reduce its efficiency and require a higher consumption of the appliance. Keep the inside of the appliance clean to avoid wasting energy .

In short, the cost of making a pizza at home depends on several things. But it is clear that the price of the kilowatt influences, and a lot . Therefore, it is important to find the right company. In addition, as our energy is 100% renewable , preparing a pizza at home will also be more sustainable with the planet !