Is it bad to leave the Mac to sleep instead of turning it off?

Whether it’s overnight or for another period of hours, you might be putting your Mac to sleep instead of shutting it down. There are many legends around this: if it is better to always turn it off, if not and it is better to leave it in rest … In short, that there is an important contradiction in the matter. Now, with data in hand and the advice of the manufacturer itself, we analyze who is right (spoiler: neither one nor the other).

Advantages and disadvantages in each case

Is it bad to leave the Mac to sleep

Regarding always leaving the Mac at rest for hours when it is not used, we must say that it can be very interesting because it eliminates system load times , the apps that you have open will be available instantly and in a matter of a few seconds you will have fully available the computer. However, at the opposite point to this we must emphasize that in the end there is a consumption in the background that can be harmful in the long term.

Think that, even if it is less than when you use it, being at rest will be consuming processor and RAM resources, the fans may be activated, there is wear of all the components to a greater or lesser extent (also the storage disk) and, of course, degrading the battery in case it is a MacBook and you do not have it connected to the power. Not to forget that this consumption will be recorded on your electricity bill (something worth considering in these times).

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On the other hand, in relation to always turning off the Mac, we must tell you that a priori it implies less problems. And it is that by staying off it will not be consuming resources of any kind or you, although you must bear in mind that this implies that when you turn it on again it takes longer to start. In addition to the fact that the initial input that is produced when starting the Mac supposes a significant peak of consumption that, in the short term, does not imply anything, but it can be harmful if it is constantly turned off and on.

The usual advice: don’t obsess

As with almost everything in life, common sense must always prevail. Each of the cases has positive and negative aspects, especially in reference to the load of the system. However, it is not good that the Mac is always on because it also needs to be off a few minutes frequently to avoid further wear and tear. In the same way that turning it off obsessively is not good either and more so if you are going to use it again in a short time.

Therefore, do not take either of the two activities to the extreme. And, if you accept advice in this area, it is recommended that you analyze your consumption and based on the hours you usually use it and disconnect it, schedule the Mac to turn on and off . In this way you will ensure that it will turn off when you are not using it and avoid a higher consumption than expected, in the same way that you will be able to save a certain start-up time when you go to use it.