iPhone 13 imminent: reasons to sell yours now (or not)

The presentation and launch of the new iPhone 13 is already imminent, since it is expected that it may be next week when Apple finally shows them to the public after a year of development. At this point, and if you are one of the users of these phones who is interested in acquiring any of the new ones, is it worth selling yours now to make money? We analyze the reasons to do it, but also to wait.

iPhone 13 imminent

Reasons to sell your device now

The main reason why it may be interesting to dip into the second-hand market for iPhone, in this case being you the seller, is that when the iPhone 13 comes out, yours will lose value. We understand that this is annoying, but it is like that. The devaluation of an iPhone is perhaps less than that of other devices due in part to the fact that Apple itself never lowers its catalog in price, but the truth is that now you can surely sell your device for more money than in two weeks.

It is also a compelling reason that supports this idea that the iPhone 13 convinces you. Yes, we already know that it has not been presented, but much of its news has been leaking and if you think it sounds appetizing, it is a reason more to be sure of your purchase and sell the one you have. If you are also one of those who changes every year, no matter how little the change is noticed, there is probably nothing that is going to put you back with the launch.

posibles colores iphone 13 pro

It is also a point in favor if you already have an iPhone 12 , either the standard model or any of its other versions (‘mini’, ‘Pro’ or ‘Pro Max’). These are still the latest in the company today and their value is still very high, so if you hurry to sell it, you can amortize it much more.

And why shouldn’t you sell it?

On the contrary, we also find handicaps. There is a fundamental reason and it is this: What if you don’t like the iPhone 13? Either its design and / or specifications. Yes, we have been advancing their novelties, but in the end it is not the same as knowing them 100% and seeing how they act in the final product. You may regret it later, so waiting for him to show up is not a bad option if losing some money is not a very negative thing for you either.

It is also another compelling reason to wait if your iPhone is already old . Or at least up to a point. We do not say an iPhone 5, but an iPhone X itself can already be considered in a certain way old, despite still having a lot of life ahead of it. In the end, these have devalued so much in the second-hand market, that the output of the iPhone 13 will not change the possible price that you are going to put too much.

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Another factor to take into account is that you will be without a mobile until the release of the iPhone 13 . And this is not trivial, since surely you need to keep in touch with your loved ones, co-workers and others. Therefore, if you do not have an emergency smartphone insured, you could find yourself in serious trouble selling your iPhone now.

Be that as it may, we hope you value all the options well. It is not that there is too much time left for you to make the decision, so in the end you will have to accelerate the thoughts, although we always recommend you not to lose common sense.