iPad Could Not Be Restored Due to Unknown Error: Solution

Restoring an iPad is a fairly simple operation to do but it can lead to some kind of error even if it is something strange. If you get any strange errors on both the computer and the computer you are using, we will tell you how you can try to solve it before going to Apple.

Update Mac or PC

In the event that you are restoring your iPad through iTunes or Finder on the Mac or PC, it is important to have the equipment fully updated. In this sense, both the operating system and iTunes itself must be included. With each update of the Apple program, problems that may arise when extracting the software or verifying the operating system with Apple databases are resolved. This is one of the most typical errors when an unknown error appears during the iPad restoration process.

iPad Could Not Be Restored Due to Unknown Error

It is also possible that if you are updating the equipment with a PC, there is software that is preventing the connection. This is why you should check especially the firmware of the equipment and also the antivirus. This is why on some occasions you should try disabling all firewalls on your computer. You may also have to uninstall these programs that are preventing the restoration of the iPad.

Check the USB connection

Keep in mind that the USB connection must always be made directly to the computer. This is why you should avoid connecting to the USB hub or to a keyboard or any type of accessories that this type of connection presents. This may be because the port power is not the most suitable in this regard for performing an OS restore. In addition to power transfer, the ability to send and receive files via cable from computer to iPad should also be considered.

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Restart iPad

Sometimes the simplest method can be the one that fixes the dumbest mistake. Background processes can hinder iPad restoration. Turning off the iPad and also the computer in use can remove these temporary files that can torpedo the restoration. It is important to leave them turned off for a few minutes and immediately start the restoration process after starting it.

Enter iPad in recovery mode

Recovery mode can be vital for restoring iPad. This makes the computer instantly recognize the computer and can fully restore the operating system. To enter recovery mode, you must follow the following steps depending on the iPad you have:

  • iPad with Face ID: Quickly press and release the volume up button. Then immediately press and release the button to decrease the volume. Finally press the top button until the computer restarts and do not release it until the iPad is detected by the computer.
  • iPad with home button: Press and hold both the home button and the top or side button. It is important not to release them until the recovery options appear.

At the moment you will see how a pop-up window appears on the iPad where two options will appear: restore and update. When you click on restore, you must wait a few minutes for the operating system to download, if you do not have it downloaded, for the restoration process to begin. This may end for a few minutes and if the iPad gets out of this recovery mode you will have to put it back as previously discussed.

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Go to Apple

In the event that none of these processes have worked correctly for you, you should contact Apple. This contact can be made by phone or through the application that you will find in the App Store. In this way you can select in a more specific way the team that has this problem, to receive a personalized response. First they will make you perform all these steps that we have discussed and then they will give you an appointment to go to an Apple Store and try to perform the restoration with their specialized software.