IP Camera: How to Choose a Cheap and Functional Model

It is really easy to have a smart home today. Yes, a few years ago it was a dream within reach of a few chosen with very bulky pockets. But things have changed a lot, being able to buy all kinds of IoT products at a scandal price. And yes, an IP camera is one of those elements that should not be missing in your home.

We talk about a product that will allow you to control everything that happens in your home even if you are on the other side of the world. Taking into account that now you can buy all types of surveillance cameras at a scandal price, you have no excuse for not having such a device in your home. There is a wide variety when buying an IP camera at a good price !


What does an IP camera need?

Obviously, the more expensive a gadget of this type is, the more functionalities it will have. For example, there are models that exceed 100 euros, but they are able to detect faces with a really low margin of error, so you know through push notifications that your children have come home, for example.

Do you have a very tight budget? Luckily, you don’t need to leave a lot of money to have a surveillance system in your home with more than decent quality. Of course, there are a number of factors that you must take into account, and that can not be missing when you buy an IP camera. More than anything because, regardless of the resolution, there is a section that is vital in such a device: night vision.

Unless your intention is to install an IP camera in an area that is permanently illuminated, something that is quite difficult to find, ideally, the model or models you buy have a night vision system. Mainly so you can record at the moment you detect a person. Also, if you cannot control your home remotely 24 hours a day, the camera is no longer useful.

On the other hand, you must have an operating system that is as simple as possible. No, it is not worth starting to touch complicated parameters to synchronize your surveillance camera with the mobile phone. Better to find a model that follows the precepts of the Plug and Play. I mean, you only need a WiFi connection and an application to control it remotely.

cámara IP Blink XT2

These are the best models you’ll find

On the other hand, it is very important that the camera is waterproof in case you intend to use it outdoors. And no, the roof of your house does not protect enough, so better to invest in a model with some type of certification that guarantees its resistance to this element. Finally, we leave you with the best IP cameras you can buy for less than 40 euros . A tight budget, but enough to monitor your home better than ever.

cámara ip Xiaomi de lado

Mi Home Security Camera 360

One of Xiaomi’s strengths is its wide variety of products. The Chinese manufacturer does not stop surprising us with new products of all kinds, from treadmills, to smart lamps or sterilization system. And, how could it be otherwise, the Beijing-based firm has an extensive catalog of surveillance cameras.

Now, to celebrate the recent presentation of the Mi Home Security Camera 360 IP camera , we are going to recommend this model for several reasons. To start, it costs less than 40 euros. To this, we must add its ability to rotate on its axis, which will allow you to control any aspect of your home. Add a height design and a really effective night vision, to have a product with a price-quality ratio that is very difficult to beat.

Xiaomi IP camera

EUR 37.00

Cámara IP Victure 1080P

Victure 1080P

Are you looking for a quality surveillance camera at a good price to control your pets? Do not miss this model of Victure. We speak of an IP camera with excellent resolution, capable of detecting movements and alerting you by means of a push notification, as well as pets and night vision. Don’t you think it’s enough? Well, know that you now have a 35 percent discount.

Victure camera

EUR 29.99

Mini Camara Espia Oculta CACAGOO

CACAGOO Mini Hidden Spy Camera

Are you looking for an IP camera that is impossible to detect? Well do not miss this model of the firm CACAGOO. A product with motion detection, night vision, in addition to a design that will allow you to install it in any corner without anyone noticing its existence.

Mini spy camera

EUR 36.99

Camara de Vigilancia Supereye

Surveillance Camera Supereye

Another model to consider is this Supereye model. We speak of an IP camera capable of recording in 1080p, in addition to offering a series of functionalities that make it one of the most complete models. The best? You can use its microphone and built-in speaker to speak remotely. Ideal if you want to reassure your little one while sleeping.

Supereye camera

EUR 39.99

Camara IP Cacagoo

Cacagoo IP camera

Yes, the Asian manufacturer has a complete range of surveillance cameras . And this model is larger than the other one in this compilation, but also its functionality is much more complete; Automatic upload of videos to the cloud, alarm by mail, night vision mode … In short, a gadget that will not disappoint you.

Cámara IP Wansview 

P Wansview

If you have pets at home, this IP camera will make you fall in love. More than anything because this model offers compatibility with Alexa , so you can activate it remotely, as well as pets and the possibility of a dual microphone system so that you can listen to yourself better, but that you can also listen to me better.

Cámara IP QZT

QZT IP camera

Continuing with this compilation, we recommend this QZT model with which to domotize your home at the best price . More, now that you can buy the QZT IP camera for only 27.99 euros thanks to its 24 percent discount.

QZT IP camera

EUR 27.99

TP-Link Tapo C200

TP-Link Cap C200

Little can we say that you don’t know about TP-Link. The manufacturer has managed to make a place in the connected products sector, by presenting solutions at very restrained prices and high performance. And this TP-Link Tapo C200 system is a new example of this. Take a walk through the ratings, which could not be more positive, and then buy this product before it runs out.

TP Camera – Link

EUR 29.99

Cámara IP Srihome

Srihome IP camera

Another surveillance camera that can not be missing in your home, is this model of Srihome . For starters, it has all kinds of functionalities, highlighting its night vision, as well as a pet mode that will alert you by push notification when it detects any movement, in addition to being able to interact with your dog or cat through its built-in microphone. And beware, that now has a 17 percent discount that makes this gadget even more palatable.

Srihome IP camera

EUR 29.99

Cámara Vigilancia Apeman

Apeman Surveillance Camera

To conclude with this compilation that will help you choose a good surveillance camera if you have a very tight budget, we did not want to miss the opportunity to recommend this Apeman model. The manufacturer has become a benchmark when it comes to buying an action camera at a good price, and its new IP camera points ways. More, seeing that it has night vision, 1080p quality recording, motion detector and much more.

Apeman IP camera

EUR 26.99