Why the Internet is slow with Chrome but fine with other browsers

Having a good Internet speed is essential for our day to day. It is very important in order to use services such as the cloud, send large documents, downloads … However, for this to be possible, some important factors come into play. In this article we are going to talk about why Chrome runs slow . It is something that can happen to many users and it is convenient to know the main reasons.

What affects the speed of Google Chrome

Internet is slow with Chrome but fine with other browsers

Without a doubt, Google Chrome is the most used browser today. We can use it on both desktop computers and mobile devices. It also has multiple extensions that we can install and thus get different added functions. The problem comes when it doesn’t work properly. We can have loss of speed or any complication.

Extension overload

As we have indicated, the add-ons for the Google Chorme browser are very numerous. We have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities. This means that we can take into account the possibility of installing an extension that facilitates navigation or even improves security.

However, this sometimes translates into a problem. We can have an overload of extensions. The more we have, the more likely a problem will arise. In addition, it could happen that we have one installed and it is generating a conflict.

Too many tabs open

Of course it could also happen that we have too many tabs open in the browser. This could also hinder the smooth operation and directly affect the browsing speed.

But sometimes this does not happen because of having too many tabs, but simply because of having one that is generating conflict. A web page can hang and this slow down all navigation and generate problems of this type.

La descarga se queda en proceso en Chrome

We have some malware on the computer

Another issue to consider is the possibility that there is some type of malicious software on the system. As we know, there are many threats that could affect us in one way or another. Many types of viruses, Trojans and the like that could hinder the proper functioning.

The malware could be affecting the operating system and slowing down the different applications we use, but it could also have directly infected the browser. Either way, we could have major speed-related issues. The best thing to do in this type of case is to use a good antivirus or anti-malware and carry out a quick or complete scan on our computer, with the aim of ending this malware that is affecting us.

It is outdated

It could also happen that the browser we are using, Chrome in this case, has an outdated version . This can always affect performance and lead to speed and performance related failures. Generally, Google improves and optimizes the speed of your browser in each update that it launches, therefore, it is highly recommended to always be updated to the latest version to make sure that it is not any type of bug that has been found.

An important tip is to always have our equipment with the latest versions. On the one hand, we are going to make them work better, but we must also take into account the importance of security. We can correct vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Network problem

Speed glitches in the browser could also be related to problems with the network itself. It may happen that the Wi-Fi connection is not good, if connected in this way, as well as errors in the configuration of the equipment or the router. In this type of failure, it would be advisable to connect via network cable to our computer, to download problems from the WiFi wireless network. If the problem persists, perhaps the problem is in the Internet connection directly or in the router that you have at home.

Therefore, problems with the network could also be the cause of Google Chrome running slow, crashing, or having any issue that affects the overall smooth operation.