Intel NUC 9 with Processors of More than 5 GHz

The Intel conference at CES has not started yet, however, the manufacturer has not expected more and has revealed some details of its main releases for this 2020. And be careful because they are quite striking, especially the new NUC that makes us eyes.

Intel NUC 9 Extreme, more modular and customizable

nuc 9 intel

One of the novelties is focused on one of the products that has been more curdling in recent years. We talk about the NUC range, the small computers with Intel technology that so many fans have gathered around the world. These small computers present very complete solutions in a small space, however, one of the prices to be paid is the lack of expansion and updating that they allow.

But Intel has decided to take another twist, and with the new NUC 9 Ghost Canyon will cover other needs focused on the most demanding user and that seeks to customize their equipment over time. The result is a team of larger dimensions than the usual NUC, but maintaining the compact label, since it is apparently smaller than an ITX tower.

NUC 9 caracteristicas

Inside we will find a modular structure formed by a main board with the appearance of a graphics card in which the processor is located (with an Intel Core i9 9980HK unlocked), a 500W power supply, and an additional board with PCI-e slots in which to connect a high performance graphics card.

Basically you can configure a whole monster that will serve both to play demanding games and to fulfill high performance tasks. Of course, if you want more than the integrated HD 630 graphics , it seems that the graphics card that we need to connect must have an ITX form factor due to the shape and space available in the chassis, so you should Take it into account when adding one.

The interesting thing is that in the KoolShare forums they have received a fully functional unit (although prototype), so they have not taken long to open it, check their guts and do all kinds of tests. And yes, it is a beast.

Processors over 5 GHz

Another of the innovations that Intel brings to CES is the arrival of the new tenth generation processors. Yes, the Intel NUC9 we have talked about earlier will become obsolete with these new processors, but you know how this technology works.

At the moment there are not many details, but the manufacturer has confirmed that the new tenth-generation Core i7 H-Series will offer frequencies higher than 5 GHz, thus surpassing the most powerful processor that we can currently find on the market, the Core i9 9980HK, that nails the clock at 5GHz.