How to Install and Uninstall Chrome Extensions in Kiwi Browser for Android

One of the biggest advantages for Google browser users is Chrome extensions. These small tools as a plugin are not only practical and attractive but also add all kinds of features to increase the performance of our Internet sessions. And best of all, we not only find them in Chrome as such, but also in all Chromium-based browsers.

While it is very easy to install extensions from the desktop version in Google Chrome, it is not as easy to do it from an Android mobile. In fact, the mobile version of Chrome does not allow you to add extensions to your browser. Does this mean that we cannot use them from our smartphone?

Kiwi Browser
Kiwi Browser

As we have already told you, the Chrome Web Store extension catalog is not only available for the Google browser. Fortunately, these can also be added to any other web browser based on Chromium and one of them allows you to install them on your mobile: Kiwi Browser.

In today's article we will explain step by step how to install Chrome extensions in the Kiwi Browser. Thanks to them you can enjoy all the advantages of these small tools without using your desktop computer. We hope it helps you.

What is Kiwi Browser?

As we have anticipated, the Android version of Google Chrome does not incorporate the option to install extensions. This can frustrate many as some of these tools (such as the ad blocker and malware now) are essential regardless of the device you use.

Luckily there is a Chromium-based browser that allows simple installation of extensions for the Google browser: Kiwi Browser. This is completely free and has been created by the developer arnaud42 (from the XDA Developers forum). Among its main features are:

  • Lightness and speed.
  • Ability to block ads, popups, malware and cryptotomers.
  • It is compatible with Chrome extensions.

As you can see, it is not surprising that many users of Android smartphones have already made the leap from Chrome to Kiwi thanks to its versatility. If you are interested in trying it, you can download the latest version of Kiwi Browser comfortably and safely.

How to install Chrome extensions in Kiwi Browser

Now that you have the latest Kiwi update installed on your Android phone, we will explain step by step how you can add an extension to the browser. Don't worry, the process is really simple and very intuitive.

First open Kiwi Browser and from this visit the Chrome Web Store. Once in the Google Chrome extension store, locate the tool you want to add to your browser. Once you find it, click on it to access the file with all the information about the extension.

From the page of the extension you want to install, click on the blue “Add to Chrome” button. It doesn't matter if you don't have Chrome installed in your browser, you can also click on the button.

After that, a message will appear from the so-called “Kiwi Web Store” that will warn you about the necessary permissions for the extension to work in the browser. Click on “Accept” so that it is added to the browser.

To check if your extension has been installed correctly, click on the “Customize and control Kiwi” button in the upper right corner of the screen. This one has the appearance of three vertical points.

If you have done this step correctly, a drop-down menu will open where the icon of the extension you just installed will appear at the end of the list. To activate and deactivate it, simply click on it just as you would from the Chrome desktop version toolbar. As simple as that!

How to uninstall Chrome extensions using Kiwi Browser

It is possible that after a while you want to uninstall some extension either because it is giving you problems or simply because you hardly use it. The process to remove it from Kiwi Browser is very simple, you just need to follow these steps.

First open Kiwi Browser and type "kiwi: // extensions" or "chrome: // extensions" in the navigation bar. If you have done this step correctly you will arrive at a new window that will show you all the extensions that you have installed in your browser.

To delete an extension simply click on the “Delete” button that appears just below its description. After that the extension will disappear completely from your browser.

If you wish, from this same menu you will also be able to deactivate (not delete) the extension you want. To do this you simply need to press the blue switch that appears in the lower right corner of each of the installed extensions.

Do all Chrome extensions work in Kiwi Browser?

Unfortunately, not all extensions found in the Chrome Web Store will be compatible with Kiwi Browser. Only those that do not use the x86 binary code can be installed. However, don't let this put you off because most of the extensions in the Google store work perfectly.