How to Install Play Store on Xiaomi Phones (MIUI 10 and MIUI 11)

It is not something that usually happens, because all the phones sold from Xiaomi in Spain have all the Google services installed like the phones of any other brand, except the one we already know. However, if you have purchased an import terminal, you may be in the position of having to install Play Store on your mobile.

Fortunately, kilo that before you can involve several headaches, today is something quite simple as long as you follow the instructions that we leave below, which go through downloading an app designed specifically to take Google apps to your mobile from your own Mi App Store of Xiaomi.


Installing Google Apps from Mi App Store

If on some occasion you have not been able to wait to buy the novelties of the brand in Spain and you have decided to opt for import stores, you will find a non-global Chinese ROM that does not have Google apps. You do not even have the opportunity to download them from an app like Play Store because Google services are not installed on the smartphone.

However, Xiaomi facilitates its installation from its app store, although not knowing Chinese, it may cost you enough to locate it.

Locate the Google app

First of all, access the Mi App Store and enter the “Google” command in the search bar. Now scroll down and click on the Baidu icon that we show you in this image. You will see an application of approximately 168 KB in size with the Google Play Store logo. Install it

Play Store

Download Google Service Framework

Open the application and click on the blue round icon that appears on the screen to start downloading Google Service Framework. To do this you must enable installation from unknown sources from the privacy settings.

Download the rest of Google services

After installing Google Service Framework, the rest of Google services will begin to download automatically: Google Account Manager, Google Play Services, Google Calendar Sync, Google Contact Sync. You just have to press Install on each of them.

servicios google

Sign in to the Play Store

After installing Google Play Store , log in to the Play Store with your Google account and enjoy the official Android app store with unlimited access to all games and apps in the Android ecosystem.

Install the Google apps you want

Once you have the store installed, getting Google apps on your Xiaomi mobile is as simple as searching Google Play Store, Google Calendar, Gmail, YouTube or whatever you want to install on your mobile and proceed to download them in a way normal.