Install the GCam of the Pixel 6 on your mobile and take better photos

A few days ago Google announced the arrival of a new phone. The Pixel 6 aims to revolutionize the telephony market through its peculiar characteristics as a Tensor processor designed exclusively for it. The powerful hardware that this smartphone promises is one of its strengths to curdle once and for all in the market.

Install the GCam of the Pixel 6 on your mobile

The fact that the manufacturer is the same as the developer of the Operating System is a guarantee of an Android experience at the highest level. However, the US company has emphasized the potential of the camera of the new Google Pixel 6 thanks to the GCam software, which you can now download for your device, since some third-party developers have ported the application .

Download the GCam of the Pixel 6

As we have mentioned before, it is possible to download the GCam application belonging to Google’s Pixel 6. This not only includes a renewed design, but also has these functionalities that you have just seen. The developers of this APK clarify that most of the properties will work perfectly, but others can cause problems on certain devices.

Fotos con Google Pixel 6

The only thing you need for this is a terminal with Android 9 or higher that works with the support of the Camera2 API. There is no prior configuration to be done, but on the page you will find settings to improve the quality of the images. The steps to install the Google camera are as follows:

  1. Install Google Apps and its services (if you don’t have them installed).
  2. Go into settings and allow the installation of applications of unknown origin.
  3. Download GCam from here .
  4. Install it and go.

This version 8.3 of GCam is in beta, so it is to be expected that its operation is not yet optimal. Even so, it is a fantasy to be able to count on our phone with a camera with as much potential as exists in the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Herramienta Magic Eraser Some of these functionalities that will improve the way you capture images are the Night Sight mode, which allows us to take images at night at excessive quality, and the Astrophotography mode , which, as its name suggests, is dedicated to portraits of the starry sky. . Other special features of the GCam are:

  • Magic Eraser: The function that every smartphone needs in its camera. Eliminate intruders in your photos quickly and easily.
  • Face out of focus: Automatic sensor learning rectifies blurring of faces to transform any image into a unique memory.
  • Royal tones: This property comes from the factory. The camera captures skin tones with admirable accuracy.
  • Movement mode: The device applies a very subtle blur to the image on the object so that the result is ideal. This is very useful for taking night photos.