Android 12 and its most horrible side

Whenever we receive the news of the arrival of a new version of Android , the truth is that there are many reasons why we can’t wait to update our phone. Although … Not always everything will seem equally good to us, and even different improvements will result in us that have worsened the odd functionality that we had completely fallen in love with.

This is something that happens, and it is that not all the changes are designed to the liking of all users who have a smartphone with the Google operating system. Therefore, it is time to see some of the news that users have not been able to keep quiet about and have given their negative opinion.

Android 12 and its most horrible side

What you don’t like

Not all the changes as we said from one version to another are for the better. And the users who have been able to try Android 12 are clear about it. More than anything, because practically all the news that have gone for the worse, or that have been liked less, are always the same. Although it is clear that some of these changes have been less funny than others.

Goodbye to the Power Menu

We already warned at the time, but, even so, the complaints from Android users have not stopped. In addition, it was one of the most criticized novelties. Well, for example, there were previously fast functionalities such as paying with your mobile, which is now in the control panel. Although it is only one of the functions that have been transferred with the arrival of this new version, as has also been the case with the home automation controls.

Menú apagado Android 12

New features?

One of the most criticized points is that, although obviously this new version of Android comes with different news, the truth is that we have not seen any ‘great’ function as it used to be a while ago with the launch of the important updates of the Google operating system. Therefore, each time they bring functionalities that do not have the same weight as a few years ago. This is why what we see most are small changes and improvements to those utilities that we already had in the software.

Scrolling capture

We have also come across different news that have arrived full of errors that, instead of falling in love, the lucky users who have already been able to update to Android 12 (those users who have a Google Pixel in their possession) have liked little. One of those cases is the scrolling capture of this new software, since it comes with different errors , despite the fact that the American company has been working for a year on this functionality to make it even better, since we could see it in other layers customization like EMUI.

Problemas Android 12

For battery

There is no doubt that one of the elements that we pay most attention to in our mobile phones is the battery. If previously we could do a more advanced monitoring of the duration of the energy of our mobile device, the truth is that now it will be somewhat more difficult . For example, users have complained that screen-on time is no longer in the battery menu itself. Now, you can only view the statistics for this component for the last 24 hours. But will it be something that changes later?

With less color

To all these changes that have not been liked too much, we must add the complaint that some users have repeated more on social networks. We refer to the criticism that the screen has lost color, something that has to do directly with the treatment of the color for which they have opted in Android 12. Therefore, we will see how the saturation has been reduced, so that the preferences of color that the user had with the previous version of Google software will have to get used to it again.