How to install an update on Samsung mobiles with Odin

It is becoming less and less necessary to have to resort to changing the ROM of mobile devices, more than anything because OTA updates of phones take less and less time, and companies like Samsung offer more time of official support in this aspect to their terminals. However, we can use external tools to solve any software problem on our phone through a manual update.

If you have a Samsung phone, you will be lucky enough to rely on a specific software that is designed for the Galaxy devices of the South Korean company. This tool will not only allow us to manually update the smartphone’s operating system, but we will also find another series of advantages that we will see later. But, for this, we must prepare in order not to make mistakes during this process and make our device remain as a simple paperweight.

install an update on Samsung mobiles with Odin

Prepare everything

So that the whole process can work without any kind of problem involved, we must have a series of key aspects before starting this process with our Samsung device. Some of them will be really simple, but that does not mean that we must make sure that we have done them correctly. Since, for a minimum error, it will be impossible to carry out this process.

Actualización Samsung Galaxy S21

The first step that we must take will be to create a backup of all the mobile data. In addition, we recommend that you move all your multimedia files to a hard drive or a computer so as not to lose them. In addition, it will be important that you have more than 50% of the battery so that the procedure is carried out perfectly. More than anything, it’s so your phone doesn’t run out of battery.

After these steps, you will need to check if the USB cable you are going to use works well. Finally, we will have to have the bootloader of the unlocked terminal. Once these steps have been verified, we can continue.

What do you need?

After having prepared everything related to the phone in order to change the ROM of a Samsung Galaxy phone , it will be time to move on to see what else we need to proceed with this change. And it is that, it will be impossible for us to carry out this procedure without the help of a PC and, more specifically, without a specific program that allows us to do this. To do this, we will give you two fundamental points before going on to explain how you will have to manually update a mobile from the South Korean company.


Odin is a tool that is designed to flash and install ROMs , among other reasons, for those users who have a Samsung Galaxy device in their possession. Therefore, we must download this program on our computer and install it.

Descargar Samsung Odin

To begin, we will have to download the program from its website. When the download is complete, it will be time to unzip the files. Then, we will have a folder with several files where we must double click on the executable named Odin . After this, a pop-up window will appear on the screen in which we will see exactly what it is for later on. Therefore, to use the program we will only have to follow these steps, for now.

A compatible ROM

There are different pages in which they offer us different ROMs for Samsung phones . However, we recommend Sammobile, since it has the company’s official firmware, so it will not have any type of modification. Therefore, once we install it on the smartphone, it will continue to appear as official, that is, it will not appear rooted.

However, you must check correctly and with a thousand eyes, that the ROM you choose is a firmware of the exact model of your device. Once you have it located, you must go to the firmware download section within this web page and search for your model. In addition, you should not worry too much about the country, since, if your mobile is free, technically you should be able to install the firmware of any country.

Of course, you must bear in mind that each region includes a number of languages in its configuration, so we recommend choosing one from the European Union. Once you have selected, download it to your computer by clicking on Join To Download> Individual> click on Join Now of the Free version (the free option) and register. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay anything .

How to install it

Once we have completed the previous steps, we will be much closer to starting to update the firmware of our Samsung. Now, we must turn off the phone to turn it on in download mode . To achieve this, most, if not all, Galaxy devices require you to turn on the phone while pressing the two volume buttons and the one to turn on the phone. Although, in other devices we will have to press the volume up + power button. In addition, in the models with a Bixby button we must press and hold on + Bixby + increase volume.

hard reset samsung galaxy

Later, we will be inside the Recovery menu. To move through this menu we will use the volume keys, while to enter a section we will have to press the power key. Here, we must click on Reboot to bootloader . At this time, a screen that says Downloading will appear on your device.

Therefore, it will be time to connect the mobile to the computer through the microUSB or USB Type C cable. Once it has been recognized, we will not have to activate any type of option in our terminal. Now we will move on to Odin, where a little box under ID: COM should have been turned blue (as you can see in the following image). If it appears this way, we will have to press the AP button to select the ROM file that we download.

móvil Samsung añadido a Odin

The configuration that is preset for this tool will be sufficient. Although we can also review its configuration by clicking on the Options tab to check that Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time are enabled. But, most important of all, is that the Re-Partition box is not checked.

Once all these steps have been followed, it will be time for us to update the Galaxy device to the ROM that we had downloaded. To do this, we will have to click on the Start button. Keep in mind that the process will take a while, and once completed, our smartphone will restart automatically.