Install a Client or Use Webmail, Which Is Better

When it comes to sending all kinds of content from one computer to another over the internet, there are many platforms that we can use right now. But with everything and with it one of the most popular and veteran is email.

As many of you will surely remember, email services have been with us for decades. They have also survived such widespread online methods as instant messaging services or P2P networks , among others. In addition to all this we can add that mail is important both on a personal and professional level. In fact, there are many users who have different accounts that they use depending on their mode of use.

Client or Use Webmail, Which Is Better

In addition to the mail as such and the personal accounts that we have, another aspect that we must take into account here is the way to use it. By this, what we mean is that we can use mail services both locally on the PC and on the web. Serve as a clear example of all this that there are some who prefer to install Outlook or Thunderbird on their computers to manage their mail locally.

On the contrary, many others prefer to connect to the Google website in order to manage their Gmail mail from the browser. In fact, this second method is the one that is spreading the most throughout the world in recent times. That is why many may now wonder if it is advisable to use webmail compared to using a local program. Therefore, below we will see some advantages offered by using email via the web.

Complementos no esenciales u obsoletos instalados en Outlook

We can use our webmail from any browser

One of the clearest and most advantageous advantages that the use of email offers us via the web is that we can access our accounts from any browser. This means that we will have access to these personal mail services from any computer in the world, even from mobile devices.

In the internet era that we are living together right now for the popularity of all those related to mobility , this is very important. Hence, for many, having their account and being able to use it from these programs is fundamental.

All our emails are stored in the cloud

To this that we have just mentioned, we must add that all the messages that are part of our email account, both incoming and outgoing, are stored in the cloud. In this way we ensure that in the event of a computer disaster, all our emails will remain intact as they are not saved locally.

At the same time, this allows us to access the messages on our account from any desktop or mobile computer that has an internet connection .

We save disk space

Another of the sections that we can take into account is that storing and managing all our mail from a remote server allows us to save disk space . With this what we mean is that on the one hand we do not have to install any additional program on our computer. Because practically all current computers already have an internet browser for other tasks.

In the same way, we save the space occupied by all those thousands of email messages with their corresponding attachments. Sometimes we talk about several gigs that with the use of webmail we are going to save.

Local mail for many is more secure and private

But not all are advantages in this section since even today many users prefer to manage their email accounts locally. To do this, they use programs like the aforementioned Microsoft Outlook and store their emails and contacts on the computer. And it is not the same to save all that information on a remote server than on your hard drive.

Of course, factors such as privacy and security come into play here, so these users do not want to save something as sensitive as their email on other people’s computers, even if they belong to large companies.