Instagram Premium is born: the version with exclusives that you will have to pay for

A new subscription model has arrived on Instagram so that content creators and users can get their accounts verified. It is Meta Verified, its launch has already been confirmed by Meta and it is also available for Facebook accounts.

Although at the moment it has been launched in Austria and New Zealand, it is expected to reach more countries very soon, as confirmed by the company itself. Beyond account verification, there are several platform enhancements to help creators establish their presence with new tools at their disposal, allowing them to focus on building their communities on Instagram. It is also available on Facebook.

Instagram Premium

In principle, it will reach some countries with a gradual test to be able to know what is the most valuable and thus try to take it to the rest of the world soon. Accounts must be at least 18 years old and submit an ID that matches their profile name and account photo. For now, it is not planned to work with companies. If you do not comply with these conditions or the terms and conditions of the service, you will not be able to access the new payment service.

How much does it cost and what does it offer me?

The new Premium version of Instagram that works with a paid subscription costs approximately 14 euros for Android and iPhone devices and around 11 euros for the web. Account verification is not the only improvement or functionality with which this new subscription model arrives this week, so we will tell you what your subscribers can enjoy when they use it.

instagram verificado

Those who decide to contract the new Instagram Premium will receive:

  • A verified badge , which confirms that it is the person claiming to be identified and not anyone else, and that your account has been identified with a government ID.
  • More protection against phishing , thanks to proactive monitoring of accounts for phishing.
  • Assistance with any questions and common problems of your account with a real person.
  • Increased visibility and reach in some areas of the platform, such as search, comments and recommendations.
  • Exclusive features so you can express yourself in unique ways

Regarding the latter, they will offer exclusive stickers for the stories, and Facebook Reels, as previously mentioned, so that you can differentiate yourself in your communications from other people who do not have this new version of Instagram Premium. Also, in the case of Facebook, they will give 100 free stars per month to support other creators.

As far as the greatest reach is concerned, it will depend on your audience and the topics you cover. Users with fewer followers will probably notice it, although this is surely one of the main attractions that motivates many people to contract the service beyond the verified badge.

Although the new Meta Verified service is starting to roll out this week , it won’t hit all accounts at once. Also, if you want to try it and you are not in any of the regions where it is being tested, you will have to wait a bit to receive it and enjoy all its exclusive features. They have assured that it will soon reach more countries.