Instagram Not Working: Options, Solutions and What To Do

We are millions of users who no longer conceive of our day to day without using the Instagram application. A social network that catches us with its Stories, publications, videos, Reels and the rest of the publications that the rest of the people “subscribed” to this platform are making. We use this social network so much that, when it has any kind of problem that does not allow us to use it normally, we may even get a little irritated. If you have suffered, or are suffering, any problem with Instagram, keep reading, we will explain how you could solve it .

Why does Instagram fail me?

Instagram Not Working: Options, Solutions
As we told you, being Instagram a social network used by millions of people, it is very normal that it has some type of failure on a regular basis. Problems that make us unable to enter our account, we are not allowed to delete a comment, load the content of the stories and many other inconveniences.

This type of problem can be due to different things, whether due to a globalized error in the social network itself, a failure due to our phone or something that we ourselves have done wrong.

In general, we could say that the most common errors that revolve around Instagram are the following:

  • Access problems : either because we don’t remember our username, email or password well, or even because the developers of this app deactivated our account .
  • Hacked account : problem related to the above. When we go to access the account, it will not leave us, or we will see that we are making somewhat strange publications that we have not uploaded. We can also realize that we are following accounts that we did not follow before and that we do not remember having done so.
  • The content does not load : a clear example of this failure may be that we click on the stories of one of the people we follow and, on the screen, only the loading circle is constantly shown. A screen may also appear directly at the top indicating some kind of error. These failures are often closely related to failures with the internet connection.
  • Instagram is constantly closed : a clear example of problems generated by our own device.
  • Low quality of publications : once again, this is usually due to our device and its operating system.

These are only the most common problems that you can find throughout your use with this social network. You can even become aware of bugs that are associated with your own account, regardless of the device from which you log in. What does this mean? Let us illustrate you with two examples:

  • @Eloutput account : as we imagine you already know, through our Instagram profile we are sharing different pills of the content that we make through our YouTube channel. Or, we even publish previews of what we will talk about soon. Well, when we want to publish a gallery of photos and videos in a single publication, the Instagram app always gets caught when uploading files. Our solution, close the app and reopen it when the posts are being uploaded.
  • @Daniespla account : Now let me, who is writing this article, personally tell you about an error in my personal profile. Anyone who knows me minimally will know that I am a lover of audio notes. When you write me any questions through a private message on my personal account, I always use them. Well, when I send the notes there is no problem with the audio. However, when receiving them, Instagram may decide that by pressing “Play” it does not want to play the audio even using wireless headphones or speakers. Solution? So far I have not found any, just ask you to send it to me in writing or to repeat the note in the hope that this new one will be heard.

What to do when Instagram fails?

Now that you know a little more in depth all these errors that you can find in this social network, now we are going to see section by section how to solve them (or, at least, try).

I can’t log into Instagram, what do I do?

Starting at the beginning, you may have some kind of problem logging into your account on Instagram. This can be due to different reasons and therefore you have different solutions:

  • You don’t remember your username or password : this is more common than it seems. The solution to this is as simple as pressing the “I forgot my password” start option . From there you must follow the steps that the app itself indicates, which go through using your email, phone number, etc. If you have a problem with this, we recommend that you take a look at the video on our YouTube channel that we leave a few lines above. There we explain everything in much more detail.
  • Hacked account : if you have received a cyber attack, the person who sent it may want to “screw up” your Instagram account, among other things. The first thing you should do here is enter your email with which you registered on Instagram (if that hacker has entered your Instagram, it is more than likely that it is also in your email). If you can access this email account, change the password as quickly as possible and activate the double access factor. Then, to recover your Instagram, once again we recommend that you take a look at the YouTube video that we mentioned.
  • Account deactivated : if your account was deactivated from Instagram, it is likely that you violated the community rules or, it may be that they did it by mistake. In our video we tell you what is the process to follow to recover it. But, if you violated any of those rules such as insulting someone, harassing them or similar actions, we recommend that you do not waste time trying to recover the account because you will not succeed.

Instagram does not load or closes constantly

Other of the most common problems that we can suffer with this social network are these two and, most likely, it is due to a failure with your own phone. You may have a fault with the internet connection, that your mobile has some background task “caught” or something a little deeper within the operating system.

To try to solve this type of inconvenience, try these possible solutions, in order:

  • Check that you are connected to the internet and that it works normally. This is as simple as opening any other social network and checking if the new content loads on it or, even easier, go to Google and do any search. If this works, move on to the next step.
  • Close and reopen the Instagram app . The app may have some kind of problem and we are not aware of it. To fix it, you must close it completely, which is not the same as leaving and re-entering. You need to close it from multitasking or even force stop if you have an Android phone:
    • With an iPhone : swipe from the bottom of the screen to the center and hold a couple of seconds for multitasking to unfold. Now slide the Instagram app up to make it disappear. Once “deleted” close the multitasking by pressing anywhere on the screen and reopen the Instagram app.
    • With an Android : depending on the phone model, multitasking can be deployed in several ways. If you know how to do it, close the app from here and then open it again. But if you want to make sure you’ve closed it completely, it’s best to “force close.” To get to this option, go to the phone settings, then go to the applications section and, in this list, locate the Instagram app to open it. Once here, you will see the option to “Force close”, press it and you’re done.
  • Update Instagram : check if you have any pending updates to this social network through your mobile application store. This is usually a very common failure in many cases and, if you haven’t updated for a long time, the developers themselves may force you to do so if you want to access the app from now on.
  • Restart the phone : the failure may be in the operating system of your mobile and, to try to solve it, it is best to restart it. On Android phones it is as simple as pressing and holding the button to turn off the screen for a few seconds, and then clicking on “Restart”. However, if you have an iPhone , the action is not as simple as turning it off and on, but you will have to do what is known as a “respring” or forced restart . We tell you how to do it in the video that we leave you right here above.
  • Uninstall Instagram : if all of the above has failed, try a more radical solution: uninstall and download the app again. Whether you have an iPhone or a mobile with Android, press and hold the app on your screen to display the action menu. Here click on “Uninstall” or “Remove app”, depending on your operating system.

Why do my Instagram stories look bad?

Much has been said about the problem or the difference in quality that exists between publishing content on Instagram depending on the mobile you use. What is clear is that it is not the same to publish from an Android phone or an iPhone , at least to some extent.

We already told you on our YouTube channel (in the video that we leave you here above) that, luckily, publishing a photo on this social network was no longer so different between the two operating systems. However, when we talk about videos and we relate it, above all, to stories, things change. If you want more information on this topic, take a look at this content we made a few months ago.

Of course, we anticipate that there is not much solution other than switching to an iOS phone if what you are looking for is the highest image quality on your Instagram.

Has Instagram gone down?

The term ” down ” is often used when talking about social networks when the problem for their use comes from the service’s own servers . If there is any inconvenience in these, the most common is that millions of people stop using it and, therefore, it is relatively easy to find out about it.

The quickest option is to ask someone else if they can use their Instagram account normally. If it does not work for her or he, it is more than likely that it is a failure of the social network and not yours.

Another alternative is to go to other social networks such as Twitter, where the news that Instagram or any other has stopped working globally rises like foam.

Finally, there are pages that can inform us of the operating status of this social network. For example, through the Isitdownrightnow website , when accessing, if we see a green icon with the word “UP”, it is working correctly. However, if this symbol is red and has the word “DOWN”, then the Instagram servers are down.