Increase the volume of your Xiaomi without installing anything

For many, the quality and volume of sound is a determining factor when buying a mobile and that is why it is becoming more and more common to find Dolby Atmos audio technology to obtain a high-level experience. However, not all devices boast this property and there are brands like Xiaomi that have come up with an alternative.

We are used to playing all kinds of content on the smartphone, whether it is a series, movie, a song, a voice message or a simple YouTube video. Hence, enjoying a high level of sound is of great importance to the consumer and in this sense the Chinese brand has an interesting function in its customization layer that has just this objective.

Increase the volume of your Xiaomi without installing anything

Improve the volume of your Xiaomi

The Asian tech giant is well known not only for nurturing the market for all kinds of devices, but also for extremely customizable software like MIUI. A system that includes very varied functions and settings inside, such as the possibility of increasing the sound of your Xiaomi, Redmi and even POCO phone.

The best thing about all this is that you do not need to install anything at all, so do not worry if you have little space on your device, since we are not going to resort to third-party applications . Mainly, because it is a tool that is found in the terminal itself and that many users are unaware of.

Ecualizador Xiaomi

To do this, you have to get your hands on the equalizer that is in the configuration and that includes a large part of the smartphones of the oriental company with the arrival of the most recent versions of MIUI, which allow you to modify the audio at will.

The peculiarity is that thanks to this functionality you can increase the frequency range to increase the maximum volume capacity compared to the default settings. Of course, everything has a price and raising the audio can mean a loss of sound quality , generating distortion in the speakers. That said, we are going to explain in detail how to carry out the procedure:

  1. Access the settings of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO.
  2. Swipe until you find the section called “Sound and vibration” .
  3. Once inside, find and select the “Sound Effects” section.
  4. Tap on the “Graphic Equalizer” option and choose “Custom”.
  5. Raise the bars that appear at the bottom of the screen to the maximum to improve the volume.

Doesn’t it have any effect?

In the event that this practice does not increase the volume of your Xiaomi mobile, it is quite likely that the speaker of your device is not in perfect condition and this is something that you can easily check. To do this you have to use the hidden menu known as CIT, which includes tools to find hardware failures . So it is an effective method if you are falling victim to such errors. Follow these steps to know how to access this menu:

Menú CIT Xiaomi

  1. Start the settings on your Chinese brand smartphone.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom to come across “About the phone”.
  3. Repeatedly tap on “Kernel Version” .
  4. Now you will appear in the CIT menu that we have mentioned. Slide and locate the “Speaker” section and perform the corresponding test.