In Streamlabs You Will Earn More Money Than in Twitch

In Streamlabs You Will Earn More Money Than in Twitch

Live broadcasts on platforms such as Twtich, YouTube or Facebook among other social networks have skyrocketed in recent months. And it is normal, because more and more users seek to gain a foothold by broadcasting live content because they like it or because they want it to be their main professional activity. For the latter, the new Streamlabs will be interested if they want to earn money with live shows .

Streamlabs wants money from Twitch users

The idea of earning extra income for doing what you like or are good at is neither bad nor anything new. Also, if you manage well between all these social and video streaming platforms, you probably have even more desire as you will have seen that the income can be quite high.

At least until now, because with the latest changes to Twitch, the platform par excellence for live shows of all kinds and topics, everything has become complicated. The platform made changes to the price of subscriptions with up to 50% less cost. This for the user is positive because for the same amount it could be said that you could be subscribed to two channels instead of one.

However, for the content creator it is a major bummer. Because the income you receive with the same number of subscribers drops by half. Or put another way, you would have to earn twice as many subscribers to stay stable in income and that is already known to be very complicated.

Therefore, unless you are Ibai Llanos or one of the other well-known streamers with different income sources, most medium and small channels will have a difficult time doing what they like without being frustrated. Unless they find a solution. And that solution wants to be offered by Streamlabs.

The Logitech-owned service has implemented a new tip or donation system that can now be set up on a regular basis. In this way, what Twitch takes away from you, Streamlabs gives you: a greater income capacity and a reduction that is only limited to the cost of the transaction, there is no type of 50% distribution.

How Streamlabs Creator Subscription works

The new system implemented by Streamlabs is the Streamlabs Creator Subscription or (subscription for creators). This works in a very simple way and, in addition, it integrates with the popular OBS live tool. This way you can not only take advantage of the content you make for Twitch, but also take it simultaneously to other platforms such as YouTube or Facebook if you want.

When creating the subscription you can set the price or let the user do it. You can also create reminders and other types of alerts for news you plan to add such as leaderboards, badges, rewards, and other incentives.

All this with the great advantage that the income is not shared. That is, there is no percentage for the creator and another for the platform, Streamlabs will only charge the cost of the transaction that is made through PayPal. Everything else is whole for you as a creator. So it is to think to what extent it is more worth enhancing the use of this tool than others. Although you also have to assess what interests the user the most. Because some will prefer the benefits of paying for Twitch to access specific features.