Improve your mobile RAM with these secrets

RAM memory is a fundamental part of your mobile phone . It is largely dependent on it that the operation is smooth while there are several applications open. Therefore, experiencing slowdowns can be an ordeal when navigating the device.

If your terminal takes a long time to launch applications or to load the home screen, it is likely that you need a little more RAM. It is not really something completely necessary, since managing memory is a job of the operating system. Still, here are some ways to improve it.

Improve your mobile RAM with these secrets

Eye to the background

Your device running very slow may be the fault of applications running in the background . This means that, although at no time you have opened the app, it may be receiving information. This trick will not only relieve RAM capacity , but it will also save on battery life.

Ahorrar RAM y Batería

The first thing you should do is go to the Settings of your device and look for the Battery and performance section . If you look closely, in the upper right area you will see a kind of gear. From among the many options that you will find when you click on it, select Battery saving in applications. Next, you will have a list of all the software on your device. By tapping on each of them you will see certain settings. Choose Restrict Background Activity . In this way the applications you indicate will always be closed.

Simple backgrounds

It may seem like a joke, but using basic funds can increase your RAM. If you have an animated wallpaper with many colors, it is more than possible that your device will suffer the consequences.

The most advisable thing is to set a black one, as it will increase the performance of the terminal and, in addition, you will save battery if it has an AMOLED screen.

Clear the cache automatically

Get in the habit of clearing your phone’s cache on a regular basis. Most of today’s smartphones have an application that does it by itself just by pressing on it. Even so, and to not depend on it, you can configure your device to automatically clear the cache when you are not using it.

For this you can choose two options. The first is by following the procedure for background applications. The other alternative is by accessing the phone’s security software. Once inside, click on the top right wheel and look for Speed Up. From there you can indicate how often you want the cache to be cleared when the terminal is locked.

No optimizers

Surely on more than one occasion you have downloaded a RAM memory accelerator . However, this is not that it is of much use. In fact, it can be harmful to the battery due to its operation. RAM optimizers force close apps in the background. However, the operating system will run them again immediately.

Optimizador de RAM

On the other hand, it is quite harmful as far as the battery is concerned. If the mobile is continuously opening and closing applications, the use of the CPU increases considerably and can cause serious damage. For this reason, it is best that you opt for the first option.