Improve your daily diet with these 5 nutrition websites

To be in shape we not only have to exercise, but it is very important that we take care of our diet. The diet we follow is really important for all aspects of our lives, but it is not always easy to follow it, either due to ignorance or lack of time. If that is your case, we bring you some very interesting websites where you will be able to learn a lot about food and food.

In some of these websites you will also be able to find a long list of recipes so that you can also get ideas if you want to start eating healthy. All these websites are free, so accessing all or practically all of their content will not cost you a penny.

Improve your daily diet with these 5 nutrition websites


azsalud is a fairly complete website that not only talks about nutrition , but also about other aspects related to health, medicine or even science. The only flaw that we can put on this website is that it barely contains recipes, but it does have a lot of very interesting articles related to nutrition.

In the upper right part of the screen we will have to use a search engine with which to search for specific topics, although if we prefer we will have the entire nutrition section on the opposite part of the screen, right where the three horizontal lines are. Within it we will find, as we say, a long list of very interesting articles related to all kinds of diets and foods.

Eve bites the apple

This website is a bit the opposite of azsalud. In it we are going to find a blog with all kinds of publications with several related to nutrition, but what really attracts the attention of this website is its recipe section .

In the extensive section of recipes on this website we will find all kinds of dishes and appetizers that are well explained so that we can make them at home without any problem. The website has a series of filters so that we can narrow down the list of recipes, either by selecting the type of dish, diet, cooking time or ingredients that go into it.


Natursan is a website very similar to azsalud, where what we are going to find are a good number of entries related to nutrition, but with the difference that here we are going to find an entire section dedicated entirely to recipes of all kinds .

This website is well worth it for all the informative content it has, and not just about nutrition or recipes. The website has other well-developed sections such as Emotions and Mind, Maternity and Health and Medicine .

my diet limps

My limp diet is, as described on the cover, a food and science outreach blog . Here we are going to find a lot of entries related to nutrition and dietetics, but also to other fields such as science and technology, food and society and health.

As on the first website on this list, here we are not going to have access to a recipe book either, but that is not what this website is looking for. In it we will find a lot of very interesting articles and entries about how important food is for all of us.

hearth dance

Dance of stoves is a page that is destined to show us the amount of delicious vegan dishes that we can cook . The website is focused almost exclusively on recipes of this type, so it will be ideal for you if you are looking to start or follow a vegan diet.

The page is quite simple, and at the top we will have a section for recipes. If we click on it we will see how a drop-down is extended in which we can see all the types of recipes that we have available. There is absolutely everything from smoothies and breakfasts to desserts or appetizers .