Improve Windows Virtual Keyboard: Parameters to Change

There are many elements and functions that we can use in Windows to improve our experience with the system. We can even customize many of these, like some of the ones we find in the Accessibility section. For example, even if we don’t use it much, in certain cases the virtual keyboard can be very useful on the PC.

As in most cases, when we sit in front of a desktop computer, we have a keyboard, a mouse and a screen connected. That is when some of the components, or all of them are not integrated, as in laptops . However, if we focus on the first of the peripherals, the keyboard, you should know that Windows itself presents us with a virtual one.

Improve Windows Virtual Keyboard

This is an element that over the years has been improving in terms of its functionality and use. And it is necessary to take into consideration that this virtual element presents some interesting advantages in certain cases or modes of use. It is also very comfortable and functional, as well as customizable in some sections. What’s more, it could be said that it is preferable to take a look at the parameters that we can configure to better use this virtual keyboard.

In this way, below we will talk about some of the changes that you can make in this element in order to get the most out of it.

Activate the virtual keyboard quickly

To launch this keyboard that includes Windows 10 , we can do it from the System Configuration application. Specifically from the Accessibility / Keyboard section. Here we find a selector that allows us to activate it whenever we need it. But the truth is that this process is a bit annoying or slow, but that has a solution.

activar teclado

For all this we can use a combination of keys in a much more direct way so that this virtual keyboard appears on the screen immediately. Therefore we will only have to click on Win + Ctrl + O.

Customize your location on screen

Of course, depending on the needs of each one or the work we are doing in Windows, its location must vary. That is why we ourselves have the possibility of placing the virtual keyboard where we want by simply dragging it with the mouse . In the same way, we find two buttons to raise or lower it directly on the screen itself, much faster once we get used to it.

Different display modes

On the other hand, there is also the type of use that we require for that element we are talking about. We tell you this because we have two display modes , the full or the reduced. To switch between one and the other we just have to press the Nav or General button. Say that Nav mode only shows some of these virtual keys such as arrows, Enter , tab or Esc, among others.

Similarly, if we go to the Options button, a new window appears from which we can activate or not the virtual numeric keyboard. Another button that can also be very useful regarding the display modes is the Dim button. With this we get the Windows virtual keyboard to become almost transparent if we wish so that it does not bother us so much on the screen.

teclado virtual de Windows