How to Improve the Sound of Your Realme with Dolby Atmos

Improve the Sound of Your Realme with Dolby Atmos

With the passage of time, users have been looking at different characteristics. Although for music lovers it has always been very present within the specifications of a mobile that has a high quality sound technology that can offer them the best possible experience. However, audio hardware was almost abandoned for many years, but now, it has become a new battleground for smartphone manufacturers.

For this reason, the simple fact of being able to stand out in this regard compared to the rest of the competitors can be decisive. In addition, we are living in the age of multimedia content, so having good sound has become more essential than ever. That is why today we can find several models of mobile phones that already have Dolby Atmos technology among their features, as is the case with the Realme.

Even more and more smartphones are adopting this, one of the last to be presented with this technology in 2021 has been the Realme GT . However, it is not an attribute that is only found exclusively in the high-end range, since, although it is usually the case in general, we can find this attribute in mobiles with great features, but with more profitable prices.

Realme con Dolby Atmos

What is Dolby Atmos?

The sound hardware has been improving , despite the fact that over the years different options have been removed from users, such as the FM radio or even the jack input of the terminals. Fortunately, the quality of the audio has gained weight, more than anything because there are several manufacturers who have already decided to put a special affection to this section, especially in the terminals that are in the top part of their catalog.

In addition, lately a proper name has stood out: Dolby Atmos . Although it was more common in movie theaters, and on some speakers. Now we can enjoy this technology on mobile devices. This allows to increase the immersion of the multimedia content since it takes advantage of the speakers that surround the viewer to emit the sounds right in the space where they would be physically.

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And although at first this capacity did not seem to have a suitable place in the terminals, more and more mobiles with this sound technology can be found. So much so, that it is a factor that many people tend to look at when choosing one smartphone or another. Basically, because it is clear that the audio of smartphones is something that we are using regularly, not only to listen to music, watch movies or videos, but also for when we make calls or send us voice messages.

Therefore, it is a certificate that will be an extra point for the mobile that has it. And although in movie theaters its potential is more evident, since they emit high quality digital audio according to what the screen reproduces at every moment. On the contrary, although it is also called Dolby Atmos in the terminals , the truth is that it does not manage to literally translate the audio quality and its spatial reproduction, since in a mobile we do not have the number of speakers that are in the cinemas.

And, although it is logical, it would also be somewhat tedious if in order to have to enjoy this technology with our smartphone we had to connect a high-quality multi-channel sound system. For this reason, the Dolby system adapts to the specifications of a telephone so that, in this way, they can offer us a spatial audio reproduction taking full advantage of the device’s hardware.

Modify it on your mobile realme

It is time to take action, the strong point that many of you were eager to know. However, for this we must know if our mobile device has this sound technology among its characteristics. To do this, we can find out in different ways without having to resort to third-party apps.

First, we must go to the official website of the manufacturer of our smartphone model. Among its technical specifications, we should easily find the sound section and look if we find the so-called Dolby Atmos. Another much simpler way without having to browse the Internet will be entering the settings of our phone.

To do this, we can do it in two ways. The first will be by accessing Settings, then looking for the Sound and vibration section and, finally, seeing if the option to activate Dolby Atmos appears . Although the fastest way will be looking for it directly in the search engine that the Realme bring. In the event that you have not been able to find anything in its configuration, unfortunately it will mean that you do not have this technology in your terminal.

On the contrary, if you have been fortunate that you do have it, luckily you will be able to configure it since it offers us different ways to adjust it to our needs. That is, within Dolby Atmos different modes will appear in which the sound of our mobile device will be adjusted in one way or another. It is also important to know that Dolby on Realme mobiles is activated by default, so in case you want to deactivate it, you can do so. You will only have to follow the previous steps and click on the switch that appears activated.

Realme modos de Dolby Atmos

As we said, within this section the following modes will appear that we can select depending on the audio we are looking for for each situation:

  • Smart: this will be the default option. It is the one that is responsible for automatically adapting the different effects depending on the use we make of our terminal, whether when listening to music, a call or playing a video game.
  • Theater / Cinema: with this option we will have a real 3D surround audio, in which the bass will also be enhanced.
  • Game: if we choose this mode we will have a more immersive experience for when we are playing, since the audio bass will be increased.
  • Music: this option will give us a more complete and balanced audio.

And this is not the best of all, since once you select one of the different effects, one more option will appear called Smart Equalizer. In it, it will let us touch up this mode in a more personalized way, apart from the options it will offer us: Balanced, Warm, Detailed or simply turn it off. Well, it will also let us play with its Graphic Equalizer . Also, once you have tired of these settings, you can always reset those settings. And all thanks to the button that appears to its right, which is called Reset by default.

Other ways to improve the audio on your mobile

It is clear that the first option is to search within our own phone, in case it has settings and sound enhancers that come standard, although they may not be activated. How is the case that we have previously presented with the Dolby technology that is incorporated in some Realme. Another aspect in which not all users fall is in the simple fact that the case of their smartphone does not cover the sound. That is, if you use your smartphone’s own speaker, you will have to ensure that the sound is not blocked or distorted by the possible holes in the protective casing that you have attached to your device.

realme x2 sonido

Although if you are more of using headphones, you can also choose to improve the Bluetooth sound if you force a codec that will lead us to obtain better audio. Of course, it will only help us if we use wireless headphones. However, not all mobiles will include compatibility with these codecs, nor will the helmets themselves. But to try our luck, we will have to enter settings and press seven times on the compilation number in the Information section of the phone.

In this way, we will be able to activate the Developer Options. Then, we will have to go to the Bluetooth settings within this menu and select the codec. The best option that we recommend is LDAC, but for this, both Bluetooth helmets and mobile phones must be compatible. If you do not have these, you can go testing which one best suits your needs.