How to Improve Comfort When Using a Laptop to Work

Improve Comfort When Using a Laptop to Work

One of our first recommendations when it comes to improving your workspace is to purchase a monitor arm. Thanks to this accessory you gain in ergonomics and also in order for your workspace. The second we could say that they are the laptop supports and these are the reasons.

The ergonomics of the laptop

Chica con portátil en la cama

Most users today are betting on the use of a laptop as the main computer . Also many companies, because they offer them a series of advantages that desktops do not have, such as, for example, the mobility that allows their workers if they need to change jobs, attend meetings where they have to present what they are working on, etc.

However, few are the users who really care about something that should be basic today: postural hygiene . That is, maintain good ergonomics when using your devices regardless of whether it is professional use or simply personal leisure. At least for as many hours as possible, because there are always times when we all fall into the temptation to do it lying on the sofa, in bed or sitting badly in front of it.

And, the main problem of prolonged use of the laptop is associated with its great advantage: being able to use it wherever you want. Therefore, in case of doing it for long periods of time, it is important to watch the how. That is, the posture we adopt and other aspects that could lead to serious back, neck and even wrist problems. So we are going to share some tips and tricks so that, if you use a laptop on a daily basis, try to do it in the best possible way for you and your physical health.

Using only the laptop

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The first case is one in which we are only going to use the laptop, without any type of extra or accessory that could facilitate or modify the use itself, such as an external mouse or keyboard, etc.

In this situation there are three aspects that you must take into account if you want, as far as possible, to minimize possible inconveniences related to your physical health and make the experience better. Logically, you will not always achieve it in a balanced way, but as in photography with ISO, shutter speed and aperture, you should get a triangle as equilateral as possible.

The position of the arms

It is the first aspect that you should take into account. The position of the arms should be as comfortable as possible, so that the muscles of the trapezius muscles and neck are not affected. So in the same way that it happens when you work with a tabletop computer, your arms should be at the height of the table or place on which the laptop rests and at a right angle.

Screen height

Taking into account that most laptops tend to use screens between thirteen and fifteen inches, achieving the ideal height if you do not use an external keyboard and mouse will be very difficult. So what you can do is try to give it a certain inclination with whatever you have around you without affecting the position of your wrists and therefore generating another additional problem after solving the first one.

Distance and resolution

The distance at which you place the screen from you and the resolution will help improve the experience as you will strain your eyes less. But for this you cannot force an uncomfortable arm posture. So, again you will have to play until you find the right balance so that everything is as efficient as possible.

Stands for external laptops, keyboards and mice

As you can imagine, the best way to maintain good posture is to use the laptop without any extra accessories only when there is no option. But if you have the possibility of using certain accessories or you know that it is a prolonged use in time that you will do, try to improve everything we saw previously.

In this case, in which you know that you are going to use it for a long time at home, the office or any other place, there are a series of accessories that will help you and can be adapted to all your needs, even if the idea is to always carry them with you. . Here are some of those that could completely change your day to day and improve the experience, making it mainly more comfortable.

Laptop riser stands

This support not only allows you to raise the laptop and, therefore, its screen so that it is closer to or directly at the level of your eyes; It is also foldable and that facilitates the task of taking it with the equipment wherever you go. So since it takes up so little space it can be ideal if you know that you usually work for hours outside the home or to improve the experience in the office where you have an external screen, keyboard and mouse.

This other second laptop support is no longer so designed to always carry, although as power it could be, but it does offer greater versatility when it comes to achieving better ergonomics when working with the laptop. Again, the use of an external keyboard and mouse is almost essential, but to always have it in your usual workplace is highly recommended.

Keyboards and mice

On keyboards and mice it will be up to each one to choose the model that best suits their needs, budget and also preferences. The truth is that right now there are so many options that the difficult thing is not finding one for each one.

There are mice that are very comfortable to always carry because of their size and weight, without sacrificing quality when using them on any surface or going crazy for the autonomy they offer. Although if it is a mouse that will always be on your desk, beyond any other characteristic, the first thing that must be fulfilled is that it is comfortable for you to use. Three interesting options could be these:

  • Logi Pebble , a mouse of reduced dimensions, wireless and with up to different colors in case you like to give a different touch to the classic black
  • Microsoft Arc Mouse , it is not an economic mouse but it is very designed to always carry with you and then offer better ergonomics when using it
  • Logitech MX Master 3 , talking about mice and not talking about it should be a crime. It is undoubtedly the most valued mouse and there are reasons for this, it is very comfortable and its performance plus the different options of its buttons make it essential for many

On keyboards, here more of the same. There are proposals designed for mobility and others for a much more comfortable use for long periods of time. Only that you will have to add the possibility of opting for a membrane keyboard, more classic, or the mechanical ones that are so fashionable. Three possible candidates whether it is to work at home, the office or mobility.

  • Logitech K380 , is compact, good key travel and with the option of pairing up to three devices. Without a doubt it is one of the most striking keyboards if you are looking for something easy to carry with you, although it is not the lightest of all (it does not weigh that much)
  • Logitech MX Keys , also from Logitech and the MX series, making it a highly recommended option for all types of users who are dedicated to using the computer for writing tasks for long periods of time. And yes, it offers the ability to pair with up to three devices for quick switching between them at the touch of a button.
  • Microsoft Surface Keyboard , this keyboard from Redmond is a demonstration of the good work of the company also when it comes to designing and manufacturing accessories for its computers. The touch of the keys and aesthetics make it highly recommended

Of course there are more options, here it is already a matter of you choosing the one that best suits you and your budget. You can also look at the ergonomic models that some brands offer and that, beyond the particular aesthetic, facilitate postures for arms and wrists that force their natural position less.

The important thing in the end is that you find those accessories or techniques that help you work more comfortably with your laptop, a device that together with the mobile phone is almost essential for the vast majority of users in their day-to-day lives. Regardless of whether it is for leisure or professional subjects.