Learn How to Import Videos and Songs Into an Adobe Premiere Pro Project

If we want to edit videos like a pro, one of the best editors we can use is Adobe Premiere Pro . This is one of the most complete non-linear video editors that we can find, but if we are amateurs and we have no previous experience using this type of programs, we may not know where to start, and that the large number of options offered to us The program gets dizzy.

Although it may seem very complicated, the interface and all the features of Adobe Premiere are very intuitive. With knowing the basics of the program, in a very short time we can defend ourselves without problems with this program.

Starting from a new Adobe Premiere Pro project , we are going to see one of the fundamental aspects in this type of programs: how to add videos, and other content, to the project in order to start working with them.

How to add new videos to the Adobe Premiere Pro project

The Adobe Premiere window, when we have a new project created, will appear as follows. As we can see, we have selected the editing workspace, since it is the most common and in which we will work most of the time.

Adobe Premiere - tutorial importar clips a proyecto - 1

This workspace is divided mainly into 4 frames . The two above will allow us to preview the video and the entire editing process. The first one at the bottom will show us all imported media, and on your right we will have the timeline where we will assemble everything.

To import content into our project we can do it, either with the keyboard shortcut Control + I , or simply by dragging the content of our computer to the main Adobe Premiere window.

All the content we add will appear in the project in the media box.

Adobe Premiere - tutorial importar clips a proyecto - 2

As we will see, the content will appear with its own name, with its properties (such as frames per second, duration, resolution, audio information, etc.) and we can also access from here a series of options. Among them, we can adjust this box to show, either all the files in a list, or all the files in thumbnails.

Adobe Premiere - tutorial importar clips a proyecto - 3

This section of media has several elements that allow us to manage all the videos and objects that we import. For example, we can access a media browser to find files on our computer from the program itself, access the media libraries, an information section, effects that we have created, bookmarks for the most used items and a history with everything What has been done.

Master the video clips to create the best project

If we right-click on any video clip uploaded to this program we can see a series of options that are grouped in the context menu.

Adobe Premiere - tutorial importar clips a proyecto - 11

Finally, once we have all the means with which we will work on our project, or at least the main ones to start working, what we must do is double click on it, or drag it to the timeline section, to Start editing them.

The same thing that we have explained for a video clip in MP4 applies equally to all other types of content. For example, we can also add MP3 songs, and even images, to this project in order to work with them.

Now we can only give free rein to our imagination.