How to Know if My Email or Passwords have Been Stolen

email-password-security-15There is no doubt that email is today a widely used means of communication. It is very present both by private users and companies. It is a way to send documents, attachments or simply messages quickly and easily. Now, it is also one of the means most attacked by hackers. In this article we are going to talk about some tools to know if the e-mail has been stolen , as well as other passwords.

How to know if our e-mail or passwords have been stolen

To know if our email and passwords have been stolen we have a number of tools. There are different platforms where we can obtain this information and thus be able to take action before it is worse.

Have I Been Pwned

A very simple and useful option is Have I Been Pwned . It is today one of the best known and used. We can easily know if our email account has been stolen. To do this we just have to enter the website and write our address there.

Saber si han robado nuestra cuenta de e-mail

If everything goes well, a message like the one in the photo will appear. It tells us that our email account has not been filtered and is therefore safe.


We also have the option of Inoitsu . It is very similar to the previous one and also lets us know if our email account has been filtered in any way. Again we have to put our address in the corresponding section and it will show us information.


In case that address has not been filtered, it will show us an image like the one we see above. It indicates that the risk is nonexistent. It tells us that our account does not appear in the database or that it is nonexistent. If we have put the address right it means that it has not been compromised.

Password Checkup Extension

Password Checkup is a tool that is available for Google Chrome. In this case we are facing a service that alerts us in case we enter any platform where our data has been filtered. One way to know if our password has been stolen.

This extension is totally free and we can add it from the official Chrome store . As we always say, this type of tools is advisable to add them from reliable sources.

Firefox Monitor

Another browser widely used today is Mozilla Firefox. We also found a tool for this browser, Firefox Monitor , which tells us if our e-mail or password has been compromised. For this we have to enter the official website and as in the previous cases fill in the e-mail address.

In short, thanks to these tools we have shown, we can know if our email account has suffered an attack and, therefore, our security and privacy is at risk. Series of free services that offer us this information.

The importance of network security

Security is a fundamental factor for users on the network. Today there are many threats that can jeopardize the proper functioning of our systems, as well as privacy. There are many varieties of malware that arrive through very diverse means. Also many risks when it comes to simply using the browser or downloading software.

All this makes security very important for Internet users. We have many tools at our disposal that can help us avoid problems that compromise our systems. However, beyond the programs we use, common sense and good use of technology are also very important.

Sometimes we may suffer data leaks , account theft or passwords. It is not always up to us, as it can sometimes be a platform problem. Therefore, it is convenient to know if our data could have been filtered.